10 Signs You Were Raised in West Palm Beach

Although West Palm Beach may seem like a popular tourist destination to the outside world, residents in the city enjoy it’s close-knit community and familiar surroundings. For those who were born and raised in the area, there are several notable activities that shaped each person’s childhood and how they were raised. Between growing up on Cuban sandwiches to spending the summer in the rain, there are several signs that indicate if you were raised in West Palm Beach.
1. You’re a Natural at Scuba Diving
One of the first activities for those raised in West Palm Beach is scuba diving, which allows you to get a firsthand look at fish and sea turtles in the underwater world.
2. You Learned Spanish
As a child, you likely heard Spanish just as much as English, whether your mom was ordering food at the local bakery or your dad was asking for directions. You likely caught on quickly and now are fairly comfortable with the language.
3. You Grew Up Attending Baseball Games
If you’re from West Palm Beach, you likely have a numerous amount of memories attending baseball games during spring training to watch the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins practice.
4. You Enjoy a Good Cuban Sandwich
You’re no stranger to a good Cuban sandwich, which you may now purchase from vendors on the street late at night.
5. Your First Concert Was SunFest
You likely saw your favorite band at SunFest during the outdoor music festival that attracts thousands of visitors each May.
6. You’ve Met Vanilla Ice
Almost everyone who lives in Florida has met Vanilla Ice at one time or another, and if you’re from West Palm Beach he’s likely your neighbor, cousin, or a friend of a friend.
7. You’re Used to Rain in the Summer
Although other states may experience dry days with an excessive amount of heat during the summer, you often think of humidity and daily outpourings of rain with the season.
8. You Spent Birthdays at Walt Disney World
You likely became an expert at how to navigate Walt Disney World by the age of 10 and spent every birthday at the theme park with your parents and friends.
9. Your First Car Was a Lifted Truck
In true West Palm Beach fashion, you probably learned how to drive for the first time in a lifted truck, which is a common vehicle seen on the streets in Florida. The higher the truck, the better.
10. You’re an Aggressive Driver
Residents in West Palm Beach are well aware that it takes a defensive driver to survive on the city’s highways, which are often filled with crazy motorists and high levels of stress. You probably navigate the city with ease while using your horn as much as the gas petal.

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