25 Signs It’s Time For A New A/C

couple sweating in a hot house
If you’ve ever had a house-guest get stuck to your leather couch by their own sweat, it might be time for a new air conditioner.
Hey, we’re not judging, we just know how much better life is when you can relax in cool air.
So if any of these 25 reasons that you’re A/C sucks rings a bell, just call Miami AC Repair specialists, Direct AC, your South Florida cooling experts.

an oven roasted chicken
25. Your husband, wife, or roommate insists they once baked a whole chicken just by leaving it on the kitchen counter.
ice in an ice bucket
24. Your icemaker can’t keep up with demand.
kids looking into the fridge
23. Your kids spend a lot of time staring into the refrigerator, looking for something to eat.
bowl of salad
22. Your salad greens wilt before they reach the table.
indoor fountain
21. You have to add water to your indoor fountain every few hours.
dog swimming in pool
20. The family dog keeps running away to go swim in the neighbor’s pool.
kid getting on a school bus
19. The kids are eager to go to school. Even on Saturdays.
woman taking cold shower
18. At your house, everyone takes cold showers, and not for the usual reason.
woman taking a nap on the couch
17. Everyone in your household understands the sense of afternoon siestas.
fern plant
16. After a string of humid days, you noticed your potted ferns were beginning to look primeval.
great dane dog
15. Your AC unit makes so much noise your neighbors thought you’d gotten a large-sized dog.
fat man sitting on couch
14. One of your neighbors complained because your husband isn’t wearing enough clothes to keep the blinds open like that.
sad man alone at party
13. Even when you told your friends you were supplying the beer, no one came to your party.
bearded dragon sunbathing
12. Lizards are finding their way into your living room just to bask in the heat.
woman holding ears
11. There’s a peeling noise when someone gets up from the ugly vinyl chair your husband’s brother gave him in college.
boy blow drying his hair
10. As long as the ceiling fan is running, there’s no need for blow driers.
mirage in the desert
9. Sometimes, especially when you’re tired, the indoor air seems to shimmer and once you thought you saw something in it. A mirage?
happy family at dinner table
8. As soon as they set foot in the house, your son and daughter insist on being called Hansel and Gretel.
chicken in the oven
7. After you used your oven, NOAA called. They’re researching localized global warming phenomena and want to come over.
girls doing a science project
6. Your geeky daughter has become obsessed with alternative energy and believes she can channel the ceiling fan’s hot air currents to a water basin to produce steam, which would then turn a crankshaft on a generator, which would then produce electricity and from there — well, it’s a little over your head, but as long as she only uses her allowance for the necessary supplies, what’s the harm?
boiling water on a stove
5. The water for your pasta began steaming much faster than normal. And then you realized you forgot to turn on the stove.
metal blinds
4. It’s dangerous to touch the metal blinds.
3. During a record-breaking heat wave, you don’t need the sidewalk to fry an egg for a YouTube video. The kitchen counter will do.
old school thermostat
2. The kind hints guests drop about your thermostat setting seem menacing somehow.
kid cooling off outside
1. You have to go outside to cool off. Even on a hot Summer day.

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