25 Ways You Know Winter Is Over In Florida

In Florida, the winter season only lasts a month, and the temp barely drops below 70 degrees. It’s very nice indeed. Then, faster than you can say “Beach Day!,” the cold disappears and the sunshine, hot days, and air conditioning kick in once again. So while the rest of the country is still crying about snow days, here are 25 ways you know that winter is over in Florida.

25. No more ugly Christmas sweaters. Finally

24. Nobody on South Beach is wearing Ugg Boots.

23. Outdoor restaurants put their portable heaters back in utility closets.

22. Canadian snowbirds leave Hallandale for the long drive back to Quebec.

21. Locals go back to the beach to swim.

20. Expensive women stop wearing their fur coats out to dinner.

19. Your walk to work doesn’t feel like an Alaskan expedition.

18. College students in flip flops (with no socks).

17. People from Chicago, Milwaukee, and New Hampshire show up for vacation and never go home.

16. You see Santa Clause on South Beach trying to get a tan.

15. The old dudes of Key Largo quit hibernating and go outside again.

14. The Brazilian girls show up and start shopping in Miami and going to Disney World in Orlando.

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13. Iced Coffee sales skyrocket.

12. Hot cocoa sales plummet.

11. Everybody cuts the legs off of their pants.

10. Sarasota fills up with even more rich New Yorkers.

9. From the warmth of skullies and beanies, back to baseball caps.

8. Guys stop wearing hooded sweatshirts and start wearing tank tops.

7. It’s hot all day, and hot all night.

6. Girls put on their short shorts and walk along the sand.

5. Bikini girls walking on the streets.

4. Nobody is talking about how cold it is. Because it’s not.

3. It starts raining every day at about 4 o’clock.

2. Ice cream melts as soon as it leaves the freezer.

1. You crank up the A.C. and don’t turn it off until October.

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