5 Hacks to Lower Home Humidity Without a Dehumidifier

High humidity inside of the home can be uncomfortable,
and it also provides the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and mold. On
the other hand, low humidity causes respiratory and skin irritation.
If you live in Miami, FL, then high humidity is more
likely to impact your home than low humidity, and a dehumidifier can help keep
things in proper balance.
What if I don’t
have a dehumidifier? if you’re looking for a quick fix that can lower humidity in your
home without a dehumidifier, then these useful home hacks are for you!
Get Fresh Air Daily
When the weather allows, open your windows each day to
promote ventilation—especially in high-humidity rooms like the kitchen and
bathroom. You can also keep indoor fans and vents on for a few hours after
cooking or showering.
Turn On the AC
Aside from keeping your Miami home comfortable on sweltering
summer days, turning on the air conditioning can reduce humidity, especially when you have a system that
is made to promote healthy indoor air quality.
Replace Air Filters

Clogged air filters reduce the function of your air
conditioning unit. This impedes air flow and makes it more difficult for your
AC unit to reduce humidity. Routine system maintenance and cleaning keeps
things working right! 
Maintain Windows and Walls
Cracked walls and drafty windows can allow moisture into
your home, especially during warm and wet weather. Not only could you end up
with rotted wood and other costly damage to your home’s interior, you could face
a serious mold problem so it’s important to get those repairs done as quickly
as possible.
Use Natural Dehumidifiers
Did you know there are natural substances you can use inside
the home to lower humidity?
Charcoal briquettes and rock salt have adsorption properties that will soak up
any excess moisture in the air. Fill a basket or other containers with charcoal
briquettes or rock salt and place them throughout the home; change every 2
Do you need lower humidity in your home or improved indoor air quality? For a
trusted Miami air
conditioning company that offers the series you need for a fully
functional AC unit and quality products for healthier air, call Direct Air! 

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