5 Life Hacks to Keep You Cool During Summer

Running your air conditioning on high all summer long is one way to beat the heat in the hot Florida sun – if you can afford it. However, a cheaper and better way is to check out these super energy saving tips to help keep you and your family cool this season, without the high price tag.
5 Lifestyle Hacks to Avoid the Hot Summer Heat
Avoiding High Energy Bills During Summer
1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans
Most ceiling fans come equipped with a reverse switch that lets you change the direction it spins. Ideally during the summer, your ceiling fans should rotate counter-clockwise in order to pull the warmer air up towards the ceiling. Likewise, during winter ceiling fans should rotate clockwise in order to force the warmer air down for a toastier environment. 
2. Change Your Light Bulbs
Unless they’re absolutely necessary, turn off any heat-producing appliances and incandescent lights. Replace the incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights instead. Most people don’t realize that they produce the same amount of light but generate 80% less heat and energy than standard incandescent bulbs. 
3. Paint Your Roof
If you have a flat roof, consider painting it a solid white or use a special reflective paint that works to effectively deflect the rays of the sun. The positive effect will greatly reduce the temperature inside the rooms under the roof making them significantly cooler. 
4. Whole House Fans
Whole house fans are making a comeback in terms of popularity and usefulness. The concept behind them is very straightforward: A strong fan pulls cooler evening and morning air through open windows and doors pushing it towards the attic and eventually out through the vents of the roof. This lets the hot air escape resulting in a cooler house overall. Humidity makes inside spaces feel warmer, so try to reduce it by minimizing showering, laundry, and cooking in the middle of the day if possible. And when you have to do these things, turn on a number of ventilating fans to help remove the moist, warm air. 
5. Keep Lamps Away from the Thermostat
Avoid placing warm lamps or other electronics close to your thermostat since they give off heat and may produce a false reading. Your air conditioner will think it’s warmer than it actually is and drain your wallet in the process.  Use these 5 lifestyle hacks to keep the Florida heat out of your home and back outside where it belongs. There’s more than one way to beat the heat.

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