5 Things You Didn’t Know Existed in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is beautiful situated along the Sputh Florida area with a multitude of hotspots, beaches, and unique attractions for the nature lover. Boasting right in Florida, it’s the place to visit before or after you’ve hit the big theme parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. West Palm Beach is definitely a beach themed part of Florida, but there is more to it than meets the eye. You’ll be shocked and definitely surprised at these 5 unique things that exist here in West Palm Beach.

  1. PGA HeadQuarters
    The PGA headquarters are located right on this part of Florida. Known for hsving the most amount of golf courses in Florida, people like Tiger Woods and Jack Nickclaus have homes in this part of the sunshine state. This part of Florida is sunny and full of difficult and intermediate courses. Golf is definitely “the” sport for West Palm Beach residents and even the tourists.
  2. The Kravis Center
    This performing arts center is like nothing pyou have seen before. It boats plenty of concerts and shows throughout the year. It is home to the Miami City Ballet where they perform beautiful productions. It is also the home to the Palm Beach Opera and even the Palm Beach Pops. Not many performing arts centers can say they are the home to a multitude of performing productions.
  3. SoFlo Flyboarding
    This company is one of the few in the whole entire world that offers water jet packing. Flyboarding is a unique new fun sport that allows you to almost feel like you have a jet pack. The platform you stand on shoots water downwards with the force of the water allowing you to fly upwards. If you are excited for a fun ride of water sports to a new level, heading out to West Palm Beach and giving this a shot is a must.
  4. Hidden Oasis
    This hotspot allows for adults and kids to be within a foot away from wildlife animals. Getting the chance to be 12 inches away from a Cheetah isn’t exactly a commonplace situation, so this chance is definitely exciting. Check out the reviews of this place here: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/United_States_of_America/Florida/West_Palm_Beach-765456/Things_To_Do-West_Palm_Beach-TG-C-2.html
  5. Stunning Shopping
    Shopping in a mall is one experience, but getting to shop in a beautiful place like City Place in West Palm Beach is an even better experience. Their top of the line designer shops and Paris-like architectural makes this one of the best places to go shopping or dining out with the friends and family. Heading down to Worth Ave. is another place to shop that you’ll love. Filled weigh complex stores and intricate building designs makes this a place for stunning shopping adventures to enjoy.
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