Common Air Conditioning Problems In Miami

Are you dealing with an air conditioner that’s not working? Perhaps you suspect a low-voltage wiring problem? Is your blower not turning on? Maybe your thermostat is not working? Regardless of what the specific problem with your a/c is, all of these common issues ultimately lead to the same conclusion – the paralyzing effect of being subjected to unbearable heat.

Air conditioners are generally rugged, high-quality products that are manufactured to perform. If your air conditioning is not performing to the best of its ability, you should check any areas of the machine that could be subject to human error. This includes checking any fuses or circuit breakers. Additionally, if a central air conditioner’s compressor stops on a hot day, the high-pressure limit switch may have tripped; reset it by pushing the button, located in the compressor’s access panel. However, you should be sure that you allow the unit cool down for about five minutes before resetting any breakers.

With the demands of summertime in South Florida, being able to recognize and diagnose some common air conditioning problems is critical. This will ensure that, even if you aren’t able to repair your busted air conditioner yourself, you’ll be able to relay the symptoms quickly and efficiently to a professional.
Many common air conditioner problems reported by homeowners stem from a combination of faulty installation procedures, improper operation, and poor maintenance service. A central air conditioning system can be repaired or improved by simply closing your home’s windows and outside doors on a more regular basis.

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Improper installation
If your air conditioner was not properly installed, you could be dealing with low airflow or leaky ducts. This will often lead to the unit being consistently low on refrigerant – which is certainly not good for a cooling system. A skilled professional will be able to repair this issue with ease.
Faulty operation
Air conditioning systems are generally controlled by a thermostat. If you’re dealing with a faulty a/c, the thermostat could be the problem or cause of the system shutting down. Your thermostat likely includes a thermostat sensor, located behind the control panel, which measure the environmental temperature. If the sensor is behaving erratically, or the thermostat itself fails, the entire system will not work.
The problem could also be with the compressor, fan motor, capacitor, or contractor. Every air conditioner features these parts, which can all wear out over time and use – particularly if your system is constantly and frequently being turned on and off. In addition, because corroded wires is a major issue, particularly in a humid climate like South Florida, if your air conditioning unit is currently not working, you should ask a skilled technician to check your systems electrical connections and contacts.
Inadequate maintenance
If you fail to properly maintain your air conditioner, it is likely that the system will become dirty when soot other byproducts build up. This will result in your air conditioner not working consistently. Furthermore, this could lead to the irreperable damage of other critical parts of the system, like the compressor or fan motor.
What should I do if my I have a problem with my air conditioner?
When your air conditioner breaks down, you don’t need to worry. Call Direct AC on (786) 875-3034 for the best air conditioning services in Miami.

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