Comparing Central AC Brands: Goodman vs. Lennox

Living in Southern Florida means relying heavily on your home’s AC system for relief from the hot, muggy weather. If you’ve experienced issues with your air conditioning unit and are searching for the best replacement system, you’re going to want to choose a unit that’s efficient, powerful, and built to last through decades of Florida weather.
Direct A/C is a trusted Miami HVAC company, known for top-quality installations, repairs, and emergency 24-hour A/C services. As fellow Miami residents, our team of expert technicians knows exactly how important your AC is for the health and well-being of your entire household. That’s why we’re always eager to help our customers make the best and most informed decisions they can when buying a new AC for their homes.In this article, we’re comparing two popular AC manufacturers, Goodman and Lennox. If you’re currently trying to decide between the two, take a look at this information on each one to learn the benefits and downsides of each brand.
Lennox Central AC Units
Lennox is one of the best-known and oldest HVAC companies in the world—with roots going back to 1895 and the production of the steel furnace. Since then, Lennox has maintained its reputation as an innovative leader in HVAC technology; a manufacturer of top-quality air conditioning systems and other indoor air products that customers across the country can rely on. 
The benefits of the Lennox Line are many, and include quiet operation, precision control, and maximum efficiency. In fact, Lennox AC units boast SEER ratings of up to 26—a rating that promises high efficiency and power capacity. In South Florida, homeowners can trust their Lennox AC unit to deliver on its promise for comfort and long-lasting durability on a year-round basis.
Goodman Central AC Units
While Lennox AC units are an excellent choice, they do tend to cost more than most HVAC systems. While a higher investment in South Florida can be a smart decision, there are affordable alternatives that offer the high performance needed to handle the area’s year-round heat. Goodman AC units are made with all-aluminum coils and are a wonderful choice that won’t cost as much as a Lennox AC. They’re strong and durable, and a very popular choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective replacement for their broken AC units. In fact, Goodman is one of the most popular choices you’ll see amongst new home constructions in South Florida, loved for its low cost and reliability. Choosing Your Replacement HVAC SystemWhile both Lennox and Goodman AC units are dependable products that we highly recommend for our customers at Direct AC, choosing between them is a decision that will affect your household for years to come. For that reason, we highly suggest finding a professional Miami HVAC company like Direct AC that will address your needs and help you decide on a product that best suits your lifestyle, budget, home size, warranty preferences, and other factors.
Superior-Quality Services from Our Miami HVAC Company
Whether you’re in need of top-quality AC installation, repairs, maintenance, or air quality services, Direct AC is your best choice for all of your HVAC needs in South Florida. From maintenance and minor repair needs, to full installations and replacements and more, we’re available 24 hours, seven days a week to make sure your household is comfortable at all times. 
If you’re trying to decide between a Lennox, Goodman, Carrier, Trane, or another HVAC system, our indoor air quality experts can help guide you towards the best decision for your investment. To speak with one of our expert technicians now, give our team a call over the phone. Or, if you’d like to schedule an in-home visit and free estimate, fill out our online form and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

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