Comparing Central AC Brands: Rheem vs. Goodman

Upgrading the old air conditioner involves finding a suitable
replacement AC unit that can handle cooling your size home, doesn’t eat into
your energy budget, and is reliable. At Direct Air Conditioning, LLC, we offer
many quality brands that give customers the service they expect.
Two popular choices amongst many of our customers are Rheem
and Goodman. Each is a well-established air conditioning company with a
reputation for reliability. But, they do have differences.
Picking the Rheem Brand
Established in 1925, Rheem offers quiet air
conditioners with comprehensive warranties. Their products are designed to kick
on without you even noticing thanks to sound-dampening technologies. Rheem
warranties are also impressive, featuring a selection of coverage, such as:

5-year parts warranty
10-year conditional parts warranty
5-year conditional unit replacement warranty
10-year conditional unit replacement warranty

Going for the Goodman Air Conditioning Company
You may have heard of the Amana brand of air conditioners,
but did you know that Amana was owned by Goodman? Yep, Goodman
manufacturers both brands in the same facilities using the same internal
components. The models and ratings of each may be slightly different though.
Even better, you can get quality Goodman air conditioners for much less than
Amana products. It’s a big part of why people choose their AC units.
Goodman is also known for providing excellent warranty
coverage. They start off with a 5-year limited parts warranty, but if you
register your AC unit within 60 days of purchase Goodman will double that to a
10-year warranty. They also offer the following warranty options on different

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Lifetime compressor limited warranty
10-year unit replacement limited warranty

Are you ready to choose your new AC brand from Direct Air
Conditioning, LLC? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get
started. Our Miami HVAC company can explain more about our brands and model
options, and provide a free cost estimate for air
conditioner installation.

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