Here’s a Guide on How to Hide Your AC Unit Outside

An AC has become a must-have device in almost every household. It goes without saying that it gives you the comfortability you need in every season. However, it is quite a headache to ensure that it does not alter your backyard appeal or disarrange your patio.

For this reason, it is essential to understand how to hide the air conditioner unit outside without difficulties. But how, while installing and hiding your outdoor AC system can be a daunting task across all the types of units in the market?

This article will highlight some simple steps to follow in hiding your AC unit outside the home.

Best Tips for how to Hide Air Conditioner Unit Outside

1. Use a Cloth Screen to Hide Your AC Unit

This is the easiest option when you’re looking for something simple. You can find a cloth screen at most home improvement stores.

Simply drape the cloth screen over your AC unit and secure it with ties or velcro. This will give your AC unit a more finished look and help it blend in with your landscaping.

They come in different designs and colors, and you can choose one depending on your preference. The only demerit is that it is an easy non-permanent solution – it only functions when the AC unit is not in usage.

2. A Wooden Cover is Ideal

If you’re handy with woodworking, you can build a wooden cover for your AC unit. This will give your AC unit a more finished look and help it blend in with your home’s exterior.

All that’s required here is a bit of creativity and effort. Plus, a hammer, nails, and some wooden planks. But, ensure that the cover is bigger than your AC for proper ventilation. Leaving a few spaces between the plank for this purpose will work.

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But if you are not handy in this area, go for carpentry services. Give them all the needed instructions (size and design), and they will deliver to you just what you need.

3. Build a Picket Fence Covering

A picket fence is a classic and unbeatable charm when it comes to protecting small gardens. And as much as it’s mostly found in old-fashioned houses, it never runs out of style. It can also look great in modern houses and do wonders if you used to hide your outdoor AC unit.

The great news is that there are various options for choosing a picket fence cover. They include metal, PVC, wood, and vinyl. Place a fence around your outdoor AC unit until it is completely obscured.

4. Construct a Big Storage Area

If you have a lot of space around your AC unit, you can turn it into a storage area and use it to store lawn equipment or other items. This will help keep the area around your AC unit tidy and hide the unit from view.

Just be sure to leave enough space for air to circulate properly, and ensure the unit’s smooth operations.

5. Consider Green Bushes and Shrubs

Another way to disguise your AC unit is by planting shrubs or vines around it.

If you have a few extra dollars to spend, you can buy shrubs or vines to plant around your AC unit. This will help camouflage the AC unit and make it look like it’s part of your landscaping. Just be sure to leave enough space around the unit so that air can circulate properly.

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Some of the green bushes to consider include clematis, trumpet vines, hydrangeas, and roses.

6. Employ a Lattice Screen

If you don’t have time to make complex covers, lattice screens will work. All you need to do is to place the screens in front of your outdoor AC unit and you are good to go.

Amazingly, this offers a long-lasting solution that requires quite little of your effort.  Alternatively, you can also use the screen to create a removable box to hide the outdoor AC unit.

7. What about Planter Boxes?

Planter boxes can also work perfectly in concealing your AC outside. But, always go for a planter box bigger than your AC to ensure that it conceals the entire device. Place it in front of your AC and grow your favorite plants or flowers.

The only thing to note is to maintain a safe distance between the AC and your planter box. This way, you offer cover for the AC without interfering with its efficiency.

8. Use Iron Trellis

To cover your outside AC unit, an iron trellis can also serve the purpose perfectly. After installing the trellis, allow vining plants like English Ivy to grow all over it.

However, keep trimming these plants as they grow quite fast and can cover your entire unit and interfere with its operations.

Depending on your budget and décor, you can choose from the various options in the marketplace. Also, follow safety guidelines to avoid wasting your hard work.

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9. Decorative Showpieces

The use of decorative showpieces and ornaments in front of your AC unit outside will assist in hiding it. The designer pieces will hide the AC while giving your garden a funky and trendy appearance.

There are different ornamental pieces such as mushrooms, gnomes, and big vases. Purchase oversized decorative items to hide your AC unit and ensure that it’s still functioning properly.

10. Make Use of Decorative Door Screens

When trying to figure out how to hide an outside air conditioner unit, door screens seem like a great idea.

You can merge two-door screens and hide your AC unit. But to maintain the proper airflow, ensure there is enough distance and opening.

11. Create a Wall around your AC

To completely hide your AC unit outside, create a paver block or cement wall. It is a safe alternative for protecting your outdoor AC unit.

Generally, it keeps your unit away from the sun, protects it from the rain, and is easy to maintain.

12. Install an Outdoor Privacy Screen

The question of how to hide an air conditioner unit outside can easily be answered by installing a privacy screen. This aids in maintaining the appeal of the outdoor landscape.

The best thing here is that privacy screens come in different colors and styles. So, you can go for the one that complements your entire garden décor.

Add decorative chairs, benches, and planters to keep your backyard garden décor first class.

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