How Long Are AC Units Under Warranty?

Frequent replacement and repairs of your AC unit are not only inconvenient but can also drain your pockets. The good news is that even amid repairs, your AC is usually covered by a warranty.

But, even with the coverage, how long is an AC unit warranty?

Well, there is no standard warranty. Every manufacturer has its terms and conditions. In some instances, a certain manufacturer will provide the same terms for all AC units. But, in others, warranty terms may differ depending on the model, make, or simply the type of AC unit.

Also, various warranties cover specific things such as labor and parts or parts only. Most residential ACs are given a 5-year warranty on parts, which would cover any malfunctioning part in the AC unit.

Some manufacturers will offer a 10-year warranty on components. These components may include blower or fan motors, evaporator coils, and compressors.

Therefore, if your question is, “how long is an AC warranty,” looking at some of the top AC brands warranties can help you figure this out.

How Long is AC Warranty?:

Top Brands

Lennox is one of the top AC brands in the market. But, how long are these AC units under warranty?

The warranty on this brand is offered in different ways:

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Basic Limited Warranty
Extended Limited Warranty
Comfort Shield Labor Warranty

The basic warranty from Lennox depends on the AC model, with some offering a 10-year warranty for covered parts, a 10-year warranty on the compressor, or even a 20-year warranty on heat exchangers.

The extended limited warranty supplements the basic one, offering more features or longer warranty periods.


Trane offers three types of AC warranties. These include the base limited warranty, registered limited warranty, optional extended warranty.

A limited warranty period runs from 1 to 20 years. It only covers select parts of the AC unit.

Some units will offer only a 5-year warranty, while others offer a 10- to 20-year warranty. The extended option covers the cost of the parts and the installation labor cost.

Carrier AC

Carrier AC units come with a 10-year warranty, subject to registration requirements, except in jurisdictions that prohibit registration requirements for warranty.

Carrier AC’s warranty is categorized into the Enhanced Parts Warranty and Standard Parts Warranty.

While the standard warranty is effective on the purchase date, the enhanced parts category is subject to registration within 90 days of installation.

You should note that the 10-year Enhanced Parts Warranty applies only to the first owner of the unit. Subsequent owners only qualify for a 5-year warranty.

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Goodman AC

How long are Goodman AC units under warranty? You’ll automatically get a 5-year limited warranty on parts with Goodman AC units after purchase. However, if you register your unit and meet the requirements, you can qualify for a 10-year warranty.

The 10-year parts limited warranty will cover any defective part resulting from material defects and poor workmanship. However, it must be proven that the AC unit was under normal use and maintenance was performed accordingly.

Note: To receive full warranty coverage, most manufacturers expect you to record or register your unit within a certain given period.

The other thing with warranties is that the original purchaser owns them. Hence, if you bring home an AC that another owner has already registered, you will not be guaranteed warranty protection.

How Long is AC Unit Warranty: Inspecting your Warranty

If you wish to know how long your AC unit is covered, this is how to check:

Ensure that you go through the user manual that came with the AC unit.
Alternatively, you can visit your AC manufacturer’s website. The website will have a search engine that enables you to find the user manual and warranty data.
You can also find the serial number, typically visible at the back of your AC unit. With the serial number in place, contact the manufacturer and request details on your warranty. Also, ask them whether you are presently covered. Here you will get all the answers you need if you are unsure about registering the product.

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After finding the warranty information in the AC, it is important to know whether it is active or not.

If you no longer have the manual, just knowing the name of your AC’s manufacturer is enough. This will help you locate your local dealer.

If you contact them and provide your model and serial number, they will be able to inform you as to whether your warranty is still active.

What Does an AC Warranty Cover?

Most warranties will only pay for the very necessary repairs resulting from material or manufacturer defects. For this reason, you need to take good care of your AC as not every type of damage will be compensated.

Some of the instances where the AC warranty coverage is not applicable are when there is an issue caused by negligence (such as a lack of routine maintenance), pest activity, or severe weather events.

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