How to Add Fragrance to Air Conditioner in 4 Easy Steps

Conditioning the air in your home goes beyond having cool, clean air. It helps to have a system that can release a pleasant fragrance whenever you need it. It’s about time you get over the traditional air freshener in bottle routine; you can engage your air conditioning unit to release the scent in your space.

Using an air conditioner to disperse scent in your space will not damage it, and it is highly effective if you know where to put the scent. The best thing is that you can add the fragrance to the AC yourself. If you don’t want to risk it, you can invite an air conditioning expert to sort it out.

This post will help you explore how to add fragrance to an air conditioner. You will learn the various options when adding fragrance to the air conditioner and why allowing an expert to do it might serve you best.

Adding Fragrance to Air Conditioner Using Four Options

When looking at DIY options of how to add scents to the ac system, there are various ways you can go about it. The best thing about the DIY alternative is that you can design your scents. 

With these DIY options, there are some compromises you might have to make. For instance, using the air conditioner to issue scents into your space is not permanent. You will have to replace them from time to time.

Consider using organic, natural fragrances since chemicals could damage the delicate parts in your AC. Still, that need not discourage you from trying the following DIY ideas for adding fragrance to your air conditioner. Read on to learn more.

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Sachets behind the Sensors Or On Top Of the Vents

You can use sachets to add scenes to your air conditioner. Start by putting together dried and crushed herbs. Get a fabric to which you’ll add potpourri-like items and tie it up. The best spot for the bags with those contents is behind the sensors in the ducts.

The other position is on the top of the vent. You may lay the packets there so that the air carries the scents around the room as it blows.

If you are wondering what to put in the bags, consider lavender blossoms, cloves, sandalwood paste, or rose blossoms. Try mixing up scents until you have something that appeals to you.

Lemon Spray in the Vents

Your AC unit can help disperse revitalizing lemons scents around the house. You’ll need droplets of lemon extract, water, and a sprayer. In the first half, fill the spray bottle with water and add about three squirts of the lemon extract.

Locate the vents of your AC and spray the liquid into them. The scents get dispersed every time you turn on the ac. Spray the mixture every few days to ensure the fragrance remains strong. You don’t ever to stop at the vents as you can spray on other parts in your ho as well

Oils on the Filter

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When adding fragrance oils, you do it because your AC’s fans draw air at the intake point in your home. The unit has an air filter positioned to keep the air clean and is replaceable. Adding drops of natural plant extract to the cloth on the filter will introduce beautiful scents into your space.

The scents disperse in warm or cool air. Use fragrant oils like rosemary, lavender, or any other scent that appeals to you. The aroma in these oils is potent, so it might be best to use a few droplets first.

Dryer Sheets in the Ducts

If you have been wondering how to get the smell of fresh linen into your house, the trick is dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are fabric softeners.

Place the dryer sheets in the ducts behind the detectors to get their scene to circulate in your home. The air passing through the vents picks up the aroma and carries it into your home.

Why Should You Let An AC Expert Walk You Through Adding Fragrance Into AC?

Adding scent to your AC system sounds easy. Involving the help of your technician only makes it easy. You might not fully understand what goes on in the AC, and that’s where your technician comes in. Spending a few coins to enlist the help of your technician is worth it. Here is why.

A technician knows the points where the most dispersion happens. If you decide to place the fragrances yourself, you might put them wrongly and waste the aromas.It would prevent damaging the delicate parts of the conditioner. Some features of an air conditioning system are fragile, and moisture or oil would damage them. The technician knows the point to avoid.You can combine maintenance with the process of adding scents to your AC. For instance, if you need the filters on your AC changed, you can let the technician know that you would like to add the scents.It’s convenient. Allowing the technician to take over adding scents to your AC systems will enable you to spend your time elsewhere. You don’t have to spend time trying to figure out where to place the scents.An AC expert might have a recommendation for scents. Your technicians are likely to have worked with other homeowners with different scents. If you can, ask the technician about it. You can use that as a source for ideas on the best scents for your home.

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Final Thoughts

Maybe scented air is what you need to feel more comfortable in your space. Your air conditioner makes an effective method of dispersion for scents. You don’t need an expert to show you how to add fragrance to the air conditioner. 

All you have to do is know the smell you are comfortable with. Avoid scents that may cause allergic reactions or substances that might cause damage to the AC. If you’re unsure how to add scents to an air conditioner, it’s better to seek the help of an expert.

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