How to Clean AC Evaporator Coils Inside the House

It is pretty refreshing to step into a cool and comfortable house during hot days. But this cannot just happen if you do not take good care of your AC. Every component of your AC is important, and proper maintenance ensures that each one functions as desired.

However, today we will focus on one component – AC evaporator coils. We will focus on cleaning AC evaporator coils inside the house, helping you keep that AC cooling your home.

Surprisingly, many homeowners do not know what an evaporator coil is, how it works, or how to clean it. But not to worry, we always have your back at Direct Air.

If you’ve been deliberating on cleaning AC coils inside the house, this piece is tailored just for you.

We shall highlight some crucial steps to follow when cleaning the evaporator coil, both for DIY or professional maintenance.

Why Cleaning an AC Evaporator Coil is Essential?

It is important to regularly clean the evaporator coil since they are prone to dirt and dust from time to time. These particles usually pile up if not taken care of in time. Definitely, this will affect the overall functionality of the evaporator coil.

In essence, the cleaner the evaporator coil, the more efficient it will operate.

Dirty evaporator coils usually lead to:

Diminished comfort: the main aim of your AC is to keep your house comfortable by getting rid of unnecessary humidity. The opposite happens when the coils are dirty. They affect how your unit operates, causing more humidity inside and the house becomes unbearable.Reduced cooling efficiency: accumulation of dirty particles usually reduces the efficiency of your system in operation.System repair or replacement: dirty evaporator coils mean a lot of AC repair and, in the worst-case scenario, replacement. This will have an effect on your budget since some of these repairs are quite costly.Outrageous cooling costsIncreased system wear

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Indeed, AC coils play a major role in your comfortability and how your system operates in general. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean the evaporator coil using the following procedure;

 Steps on how to Clean AC Evaporator Coils Inside House

1. Shut Down the AC system

This goes without saying. Ensure that before any cleaning begins, the AC is turned off at the thermostat. Switching it off from the control panel is even safer.

2. Wear Protective Goggles

This is also another obvious thing to do when cleaning your AC evaporator coil. You cannot afford to damage your eyes during this procedure.

 Wearing protective goggles prevents your eyes from pet hair, dust, and other harmful particles.

3. Find the Access Panel

The third step on how to clean AC evaporator coils inside house is to locate the access panel. The access panel is the gate path to where the evaporator coil is. You can refer to the AC’s manual if you are unsure where to find it.

Get rid of the screws holding it, ensuring that you put them in a visible place to avoid losing any. Take note that the access panel differs from one model to the next.

4. Use Compressed Air to Remove any Light Build-Up

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At this stage, you will start by getting rid of any light build-ups in the coil. Have a can of compressed air on standby. It will help handle all those light particles.

Use it to spray all over the coil and blow off any dirt or dust. The spraying should be done on a regular basis to take care of the debris.

Vacuum away anything on the loose towards the ductwork system. Have your eyes and mask protector on to prevent any particles from entering your mouth, eyes, and nose.

5. Use a Brush to Eliminate Stubborn Elements

Next, clean evaporator coils inside the AC unit is to get rid of stubborn particles. In most cleaning procedures, there are always those elements that give you a headache. These require extra attention when handling them.

In this case, you will insert the brush inside the evaporator coil to brush away any stubborn particles. Apply a bit of force where necessary.

However, be on the lookout when operating the fin. This step needs a lot of attention since damages may occur if you are not careful. Also, ensure that your brush is dry when doing this.

If you can get rid of these deep particles at this stage, it will save you from repeating the process later.

6. Use a Homemade Solution or Commercial Cleaner

 To be 100% sure that the cleaning exercise is successful:

Use a homemade solution or commercial cleaner.Sprinkle the solution into a clean brush and give it a minute or so to settle down.Use the brush to eliminate any dirt that may have been left inside the coil.

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Note: when purchasing a commercial cleaner, don’t just pick any. Take your time and research. Take note of the ease of application, ingredient, brand, and formula before buying it.

7. Put the Metal Foil or HVAC Tape Back

Lastly, re-assemble the HVAC tape or metal foil back to normal. Reconnect the access panel too. Switch on your AC unit and examine its performance.

An AC with a cleaned evaporator coil results in;

Reduced energy consumptionMinimal operating pressuresOptimal cooling capacity

These are all of the key steps for how to clean AC evaporator coils inside house.

Alternative Option

In every scenario, it is important to have a backup plan if your original one does not succeed. In this case, if the dirt, debris, or dust particles prove to be too difficult for you, it is wise to seek professional assistance. At Direct Air, we have qualified technicians to help you with cleaning.

Our technicians are knowledgeable on how to handle even severe evaporator coils issues. While it’s obvious that some homeowners are knowledgeable on how to clean AC evaporator coils inside the house, not all of us are. And if you are among those who don’t have a clue, contacting a qualified technician is the best option for you.

This way, you can be assured of brilliant and quick results. After all, your AC deserves the best where maintenance matters are concerned.

With a clean evaporator coil, your summer and hot days will be better than you think. So, here you have it, cleaning your AC’s evaporator coil is not rocket science, right?

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