How to Clean Fins on Air Conditioner

An air conditioner needs regular maintenance if you want it to serve you for a long time. A professional might be your best option for care, but you can do some maintenance yourself, such as fin cleaning in ACs, if you know how to clean fins on your air conditioner.

Fins are thin sheets of copper or aluminum that form a cover for the coils in an AC. Learning how to clean the fin on air conditioner systems yourself could end up helping you save on expenses. You must be conscious of the steps to ensure you deliver good results.

Cleaning the fins in an air conditioner needs you to take a gentle approach as they are delicate. This article will help you navigate how to clean the fins on an air conditioner like a pro and the benefits of allowing a professional to do it. Read on to learn more.

Types of Fins in an AC Unit

Before you start cleansing, you will have an easier time if you know what you are going to work on during cleaning. A typical AC unit has two sets of fins. They are:

Condenser Fins

This set of fins is on the framework of the unit. They run along the exterior to keep warm air out of the AC unit. The presence of a condenser fin ensures that your unit runs with the highest efficiency level, ensuring that utility bills stay at a minimum.

It’s even better when you clean it from time to time to keep its performance at an optimum level. You will need it at its best performance, especially on hot days.

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Evaporator Fins

Evaporator fins are inside the air conditioner around the evaporators, where they form a letter ‘A’ shape. This set of fins does the work of cooling the ducts and vents by cooling the outside air. 

Failing to clean the evaporator fins leaves the air crossing through the vents warm. The AC works harder to cool your space and consumes more energy than it should.

Step By Step Process of How to Clean the Fins on an Air Conditioner 

Before getting into the task, realize that you do it to ensure the unit works efficiently. As you get to the parts where you can finally start cleansing the fins in your conditioner, ensure you have all the necessary tools.

You’ll need tools like a cooling fin comb, screwdriver, garden hose, and shop vacuum. Note that you can apply this process described below when looking into how to clean fins on a central air conditioner.

1. Cut Off All Power Supply to the Unit

You have to switch off all the power to the unit since you will be working with water. Working while the power is on puts you at risk of getting shocked. Start by shutting the unit off at the thermostat.

Next, look for the power supply box, usually next to the condenser, and switch it off. The other alternative is to switch the power off at the circuit at the electrical panel.

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2. Get Access to the Fins

The access panel covers the fins. You will have to unscrew them using a screwdriver to access them.

3. Clean the Fins with the Fin Comb

Start running the fin comb along the fins. Do this gently, keeping in mind that the fins are quite delicate. Running the comb through the fins helps get rid of dust and debris.

The best way to work with the fin comb is to start at the bottom and work your way upwards. Combing the fins in that motion also helps correct the shape of the bent ones.

4. Suck out Dislodged Dirt

Moving the comb round like that will dislodge some debris and dirt. To get rid of the particles, you will use a vacuum cleaner. Keep a reasonable distance between the vacuum and the fins to prevent damaging them. Endure that you wear protective gear to cover your nose and eyes while at it.

After cleansing, turning the power back on is essential to confirm that the AC still works. Endure that you put back everything as it was first before turning on the power.

Benefits of Letting a Professional Clean the Fins on an Air Conditioner

Considering the fragility of the fins in an air conditioner, consider letting a professional carry on with the cleaning. If budget worries you, you can contact several professionals and compare various quotes. Look at these benefits allowing a professional to clean the fins on an air conditioner.

Professionals have the right tools for the job. Water is not all it takes to clean the fins. A professional knows a specific machine is required to get every bit of dust. Also, professionals know the proper attire to bring to work.For your safety. Your Air conditioning unit is connected to electricity or gas. Inside it is wires and parts that require a cautious approach. Working through the wiring poses a safety risk for you, but an expert knows far to go and what to avoid touching with bare hands.A professional has the proper training to take up the job. When hiring someone with extensive training and skill to clean your air conditioner, you are confident that no damage will come to it. You will miss something, damage something, or take too much time cleaning.Creates an opportunity to spot issues within the AC. You might not catch any abnormalities in the way your AC functions. An expert might notice malfunctions and advise you on what to do before it’s too late.

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Final Words

Cleaning fins in an air conditioner is an essential part of maintenance. Learn how to clean fins on the air conditioner to avoid making it work harder than it’s designed. Taking a trial and error approach on how to clean fins on the whole house air conditioner might have left with an uncomfortable summer.

Inviting an expert to clean the fins ensures that they have everything covered. The delicate nature of AC fins makes it a good idea to leave it to someone with experience to clean them.

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