How to Dispose of an Air Conditioner That’s Too Old

Like any other home appliance, an AC gets old over time, and eventually, should be replaced.

However, most homeowners have no idea what to do when their AC wears out and don’t know where and how to dispose of air conditioner units.

For starters, you cannot trash the AC in a regular bin. You cannot also throw it on the streets since it is illegal due to the dangerous chemicals that the refrigerant contains. So, what do you do?

This review highlights how to dispose of air conditioner units in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Preparation for your AC Unit Disposal

You just don’t wake up in the morning and decide to dispose of your AC; you must prepare well in advance. Here are the steps to take before disposing of your AC:

Remove doors; ensure that you take time getting rid of the hatches, covers, or any doors from your AC unit. It prevents small animals or children from getting trapped.Drain the refrigerant; walk with a professional to drain the coolant or refrigerant before disposing of it.Dispose of dangerous waste; your old AC may carry hazardous waste harmful to both humans and the environment. Therefore, contact the local government to find a hazardous waste facility.Seek help; if you plan to dispose of your AC yourself, please look for assistance. Most ACs are very heavy, and it is dangerous to lift them on your own. They could easily cause some serious injuries to you.Haul with caution; When hauling your AC somewhere for disposal, ensure that you do not leak any coolant or damage any tubing when moving it. Both of them are harmful to your environment.

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Once you prepare adequately, you can proceed to dispose of your old AC. The following are six ways how to dispose of an old air conditioner.

1. Bounty Programs

There are several ways on how to dispose of air conditioner units. And, a “bounty program” might just be what you need.

It’s a special program by utility companies that pays AC owners a bounty when they turn in their old AC units for recycling. The company will usually pay you upfront when they come to collect the AC. However, there might also be a rebate or discount offer extended to those who want to acquire a new unit (for the same model).

Through this option, all you need is to contact a representative from your power company and establish whether they offer such a service. It might be the easiest and most economical way to dispose of that old AC.

2. Send It to a Scrap Yard

If you can simply toss it in your regular trash can, it would be the easiest way for you. Unfortunately, this is not recommended since it’s against the law, and the repercussions of this can land you in serious trouble.

Instead, you can consider sending it to a qualified scrap yard near you. You can search for them online instead of doing door-to-door research. Most of them dispose of the air conditioner free of charge.

The two main services offered here include;

Handling any hazardous substance in your AC professionally.Disposing of the unit in regards to the EPA regulations.

3. Reach out to a Local Sanitation Department

Another great method to consider when looking into how to dispose of an old air conditioner is contacting a local sanitation department. Reaching out to them saves you time as opposed to figuring out what local disposal options you have. The following are the benefits of contacting the sanitation department:

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The department is equipped with a team of experts who will ensure your unit gets disposed of in the right way.They may be in collaboration with a specific local agency that handles AC disposal.

4. Return your AC to its Manufacturer

Returning the AC to the manufacturer is also another safe way of getting rid of it. Most manufacturers usually have a return scheme program, where they take your old AC and dispose of it on your behalf. However, most will only extend this service to you if you purchase a new AC with them.

Also, there are other manufacturers that do not accept old air conditioners. It would be best if you contacted your manufacturer first to find out whether they have disposal services.

5. Contact Junk Removers

Not many of us would think this is an option for old AC unit disposal. But it’s actually a great option.

But, be sure to ask if they recycle air conditioners and if there is an additional fee for this service. Some companies may even pick up your old AC unit for free!

The reasons why calling a junk remover might be your best option include:

They will give you an upfront pricing.The junk removers do the hard work for you. They will ensure that they have done the heavy lifting of your AC for you.In case you want to recycle your AC, they might render these services too.They have a schedule of when to come and collect your old AC for disposal. And they ensure that the schedule is convenient for you.

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6. Donate it to a Charity Organization

An old AC does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t still have its uses. If your AC is still working properly, consider donating it to a charity organization as it may be of assistance to them. Here are some ways in which you can donate your old AC:

Donate it to shelter homes.Give it to a local charity. The organization may use it for their own consumption or donate it to a needy individual or group.Look for an organization that may want to reuse some components of your AC. Some organizations may recycle the plastic and metal components of your old AC.Donate it to a person who is just starting out since one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Mostly young families and students would gladly love to receive ‘freebies.’ There is also satisfaction in helping out someone.Place it on an auction site. You can make money even as you dispose of your old AC. Put it on auction sites with good rates, and potential customers will be reaching out to you for the item.

Generally, the above six ways will help you to dispose of your old AC. It would be best if you walk with a professional since they are equipped with knowledge on how to dispose of your AC. This way, they will help you avoid dangers associated with disposing of an old AC.

Most of these professionals offer an affordable rate for disposing of your AC. Therefore, pricing shouldn’t be a big issue. The guys from Schlüsseldienst Berlin shared their advice.

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