How to Install a Window Air Conditioner in a Wall?

Window ACs are an excellent cooling option for your home that doesn’t require spending a lot of money. But what if you want to install the air conditioner on a wall? How do you go about it?

Well, installing an AC unit isn’t always an easy task. However, you can easily hack the process with the right information and skills. In this article, we will be looking at how to install a window air conditioner in a wall in a few simple steps.

But, if the process seems challenging for you, contacting professional AC installers is the ideal decision.

But before we get into the actual steps, let us first look at the upsides and downsides of a window AC.

Merits of Window AC

Units are readily available; in sporadic cases, will you miss a window AC on any retail shop. There are also numerous alternatives available on the internet for window air conditioners.

Highly efficient; this is because it pushes all the hot air outside. It usually cools up to 650sq feet. Less noise; window AC is incredibly quiet. They are affordable; this means that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the installation process. They are easy to install; unlike other AC units, window air conditioners can be installed without professional help. These units are energy-efficient; window AC units don’t use a lot of electricity, which makes them ideal for They don’t require much maintenance; once you have installed the AC unit, you won’t have to do much to maintain it.

 Demerits of Window AC

The following are the disadvantages of the window AC;

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They pose a security risk when located on the ground level. Windows should be in uniformity for them to fit in the AC unit. It is almost impossible to achieve this.They can leak water; window ACs can leak water inside your home if not installed properly.Window ACs can be difficult to remove; once you have installed a window AC unit, it can be challenging to remove it.

Components and Functions of a Window AC

The window AC has numerous elements. They include;

Compressor; for squeezing the refrigerant. Condenser coil; it handles any heat coming from the refrigerant Fan blower; it is responsible for discharging the cool air to your room/The operation panel; is responsible for maintaining the speed and temperature of the fan blower. Filter drier; takes care of the moisture coming out of the refrigerant. Capillary device; acts as a comprehensive tool. The cooling coil; is where all the heat exchanges take place. The drier pan; holds the water from the cooling coil.

 How to Install a Window AC Unity in a Wall: Best Steps

When installing a window AC unit in a wall, you’ll need several supplies. These include:

  • Window AC unit
  • Drill
  • Circular saw
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Paint

With these items, you can now follow these steps:

1. Select the Ideal Spot for your Window AC on the Wall

The first thing to do is identify the best spot for fitting your window AC on the wall. The most prime locations include;

Within an electrical outletClose to the center of a room24-48″ off the floor

Once you identify these places, remove any furniture or decorations from the wall. If there are any paintings or pictures, get rid of them as well.

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Also, before cutting through the walls, ensure that you have switched off the power at the main breaker.

2. Take the Dimensions of the Window AC

What is the size of your window AC? You must take measurements of the AC unit to determine the space it will fit on the wall.

Use a pencil and level to draw the measurement onto the wall.

3. Make Use of a Router

Next, use a router to cut the hole for the window AC unit. Ensure that the hole is big enough for the AC unit to fit through.

If you are not comfortable using a router, you can always hire a professional to do this job for you.

4. Employ a Power Drill to Cut through the Outside

By now, you will realize why it is essential to have an expert on board. This process gets more complex as you move to the next step.

You will need a power drill to cut through the outside wall. Do this at each of the four sections while standing outside your house.

The drilled holes will be helpful to cover the outline of the wall. A circular saw will come in handy in cutting through the outside wall across your outline.

5. Place your Window AC Bracket in the Wall

Now that the hole has been cut, place your window AC bracket in the wall. The bracket should fit snugly against the wall.

The hardware supplied by the AC’s manufacturer will assist you in mounting the bracket into the wall. If it doesn’t fit properly, you can use a hammer to adjust it.

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6. Use Caulk as a Preventive Measure

Once the bracket is in place, use caulk as a preventive measure. This will ensure that the window AC unit does not leak water inside your home.

7. Glide your Window AC Unit

By now, you are almost through with the key steps on how to install a window air conditioner in a wall.

It’s time to glide your window AC unit into place. Make sure that the unit is level before you secure it in place.

Use screws to secure the AC unit in place. And make sure that the screws are tight so that the unit does not fall out of the wall.

If your window AC unit has extra outside mounting braces, insert them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, use finishing nails to secure it in its place.

8. Power your Window AC On

Lastly, it is now safe to plug your window AC in and switch it on after following these steps. Automatically, your AC should start operating unless you missed a step. If you power it on and the unit doesn’t start, reach out to a technician.

Generally, if you follow the above steps, you should now know how to install a window air conditioner in a wall. And, it means your summer days are about to be enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

But remember, if you feel like you can’t do it by yourself, contacting an expert is always advisable.

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