I Love My Water2Air AP Series Geothermal Heat Pump

water2air ap series geothermal heat pump
I’m going to let you in on a little secret that really shouldn’t be a secret at all. It’s called the Water2Air AP Series Geothermal Heat pump, and this thing is amazing! If you are looking for the most energy efficient heating and cooling machine, no holds barred, that blows everything else out of the water, this baby is for you!

efficiency increasing in an upwards line
Before I say anything else, you’ve got to know that this beauty is 70% more efficient than any other type of heating and cooling device. Yes, you’ve read that right, 70% more efficient. It doesn’t matter what different type of heating or cooling source you bring to the table either. High efficiency air conditioners, 90-plus percent forced air furnaces, swamp coolers, even the latest in micro combined heat and power systems. Nope, sorry, the Water2Air AP Series will kick their butts and not think twice about it!

saving coins in mason jars
Oh sure, you might be asking, what about unit cost and installation? No big deal, you’re covered on that too. Many states will give you some big tax credit breaks for installing one of these bad boys, and, get this, a study by the Air Force Institute of Technology states that it will take an average of just 7 years to recover your initial costs. Only 7 years! There is no other HVAC system, hydronic set-up, even solar cell arrangement that will recoup your initial cost so quickly. That, right there, is some serious mojo for getting a geothermal heat pump, no questions asked.

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air conditioning technician giving thumbs up
Oh, you want more? The compressor and the refrigerant circuit are warranted for 10 years, and the plastic underground piping will last for 50 years or more! The AP Series is considered one of the quietest units available, not to mention, they are rated as the most environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool a house or home. This Water2Air unit is so efficient, that it will even convert waste heat from the compressor to heat up your hot water! That’s a double whammy in energy savings and convenience.

hands holding tree go green
AC Repair West Palm Beach specialists Direct AC can help you “go green”. What it all comes down to is this. If you are serious about the environment, if you want to pay up to 70% less for your energy costs in a system that recovers your initial investment in about 7 years, and if you want the most incredibly high-tech and high efficiency heating and cooling system that, with tax incentives and credits, gives you the most bang for the buck, you need look no further than the Water2Air AP Series Geothermal Heat pump. Nothing else even comes close.

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