Is your AC Blowing Warm Air? Here’s Why

The last thing you need on a sweltering summer’s day is more
hot air—especially coming from your air conditioner! If your AC is blowing warm air, don’t call the air conditioner repair
company just yet! There are some common issues that could be the culprit, most
of which are easy enough to deal with yourself.
Check Your Thermostat Setting
This might seem simple enough, but it’s easy for settings to
get switched. Look at your system and make sure your thermostat is set to
“cool.” Your fan should be set to “auto” with a temperature setting about five
degrees below the room temperature reading on your thermostat.
Inspect Your Condenser for Debris
Take a walk outside and inspect your condenser unit for
visible obstruction. If there are leaves, dirt, grass, or other forms of debris
on or surrounding the unit, it will not work as efficiently. Simply turn the
unit off and remove all debris then see if your unit starts blowing cold air.
Change the Air Filter
A clean air filter protects your unit from dust and debris,
which is important for healthy air flow. Your air filter should be changed once
a month, so if it’s been a while, this could be the source of your problem.
When It’s Time for a Professional
If you’ve checked the thermostat setting, removed all debris
from the condenser unit, replaced the air filter, and your AC is still blowing
warm air then it might be time to call your local repair company. Some of the
more complex issues you could be dealing with include:
refrigerant leak: Refrigerant does not normally run out, so if your unit is
running low then that means you have a leak, which is best handled by an air conditioner repair
Leaky air
ducts: Unless you can easily access your air ducts for inspection and
repair, you will need an HVAC expert to help you solve this problem correctly.
Could You Use Help with Your Air Conditioner?
If you live in the Miami Florida area and need some help
deciding why your AC is
blowing hot air, call Direct Air today! We will come to your home
quickly and provide an AC inspection and free cost estimate. Whether you need a
reliable air conditioner repair, routine maintenance, or a unit upgrade, we offer the services
you need at fair price! 

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