Miami Without Air Conditioning is Unbearable, But DirectAC Miami AC Repair Is Awesome

man in dress shirt covered in sweat
Here at Direct Air we understand exactly how important the services we provide are to the people of South Florida. Our AC repairs, sales, and installations are crucial in the hot conditions that we live in. Here is a story we put together that perfectly illustrates the point.

My name is Carlito Perez, and I’m here to tell you just how difficult it was when the air conditioner in my house went out in the middle of a July heatwave in Miami. My wife told me several times that the system didn’t seem to be cooling properly during the hottest part of the day. Her complaints progressed, and soon she said it reached the point where the house was pretty warm all day long.

smiling man fixing air conditioner
Then one day, I got The Call at work. The air conditioning wasn’t running at all. When I got home, it was humid and nearly 100 degrees. The kids were in the backyard playing in a wading pool and eating frozen pieces of mango. My wife wasn’t pleased with the situation. “If we have to leave the windows open tonight, mosquitoes the size of dogs will eat us alive,” she said, giving me a dark stare.
aging air conditioning unit
However, I thought I had the situation under control. Before leaving my nice, cool office, I’d called a local air conditioning repair company to come look at our aging unit. They quoted me a good price over the phone, and said they’d be there within the hour. So, we all sat in the backyard with cool drinks and waited. The sun went down without the arrival of A Ace Heating and Cooling. Okay, I admit it, I called the first listing that popped up on my computer, is that a crime?
large mosquito
After sunset, the aforementioned mosquitoes arrived. We grabbed the kids and made our way into the house, but the sneaky little blood suckers managed to follow us. The kids were crying at full force by now, so my wife took them out for burgers while I waited my friends at DirectAc to show up for my AC Repair Miami.
men installing air conditioner
However, they never did, and most of the night was spent driving the kids around in the air conditioned car, so they could sleep. In Miami, the nights can be nearly as hot as the days, so sleeping is nearly impossible without some cool air. The next morning I called another company, and they were professional and showed up on-time. They explained that maintenance, especially on a older system like the one I have, is very important because the extreme heat and humidity can damage the hoses and connections. In addition, the coolant charge on the system was very low, and that made the system more costly to operate.

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Now that all is well, and the house is cool again, I’ll say this quietly, so the kids don’t hear me, “Miami sucks without AC.”

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