Not All HVAC Systems Are Created Equal

In South Florida, a properly working home comfort system is something you just cannot live without. Having a modern home comfort system is essential for keeping you and your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, having a properly installed home comfort system can provide protection from allergens, pollutants, and more.

If your current home comfort system is not running efficiently or if you simply want an upgrade based on recommendations for a specific product or system, you should consider the Ultimate Comfort System from Lennox. With the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System, you can enjoy the comforts of an energy-efficient modern home comfort system that will adapt to your needs. Not only that, the Ultimate Comfort System is revolutionary in that it offers brilliant and creative new solutions for efficiently operating the most used appliance in your home. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look inside the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System.  

The Lennox Ultimate Comfort System is made up of four major components:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Furnace
  3. Air conditioner or a heat pump, and an
  4. Indoor air quality system

The thermostat serves as the command center for your entire comfort system. Here’s how it works: when the interior temperature dips below or rises above the level you have set, the thermostat triggers your system to power on or to increase energy output.

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When it is cooler outside, or just whenever you need to increase the temperature inside, the thermostat will signal the fan motor, so that the system’s fan can begin drawing room air through the vents and ductwork. Eventually, this drawn air will reach the furnace cabinet, where it will pass through a filter or other air quality system. Finally, the air moves through a heat exchanger which warms the air. Then, heated air is blown back into targeted living areas through vents and ducts.

When it is warmer outside, the furnace will continue to be an essential component of your home comfort system – however counterintuitive that may seem. During summer months, the furnace will not heat rooms but will act as an air delivery system for the air conditioner located outside of the home or property. This happens when the thermostat senses the temperature is too warm inside, which signals the air conditioner compressor to pump refrigerant or coolant through a loop of piping which runs between the exterior AC unit and an interior cooling coil. Additionally, heat is extracted from the captured indoor air as refrigerant passes through the cooling coil. Finally, the furnace blower sends the conditioned air to targeted living areas through vents and ducts.

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That is basically how the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System works. And, as you know, not all home comfort systems are created equal. We hope this information allows you to see that with a home comfort system from Lennox, you can enjoy the highest possible degree of comfort, energy-efficiency, and customizable control. That is because all Lennox products, including air conditioners, are designed and engineered for efficiency.

If you are considering have a Lennox Ultimate Comfort System installed in your property in South Florida, make sure to contact Direct Air Conditioning on (786) 875-3034 . We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your system is installed properly and professionally. Call Direct AC in Miami today!

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