Proper AC Maintenance

The air conditioner coils, fins, and filter need maintenance regularly. If maintenance is neglected, your unit’s performance will slowly decline and your energy costs will increase.

Filter Maintenance

If your filters are clogged, the system’s efficiency will drop significantly because the airflow will be blocked. Whenever airflow is obstructed, any air that travels by the filter may project dirt directly onto the evaporator coil. As a result, the system’s heat-absorbing capacity will be impaired. However, if you replace the clogged filter with a new one, your unit’s energy consumption will reduce by nearly 15 percent.Coil MaintenanceDirt will gather on the condenser coil and evaporator coil over time. Though, if your filters are clean, dirt will not soil the coils as quickly. Dirt causes problems because it insulates the coils and restricts airflow. So, inspect the both coils once a year and clean them when necessary.

Condensate Drains
Occasionally, you should stick a wire into your system’s drain channels to remove clogs. The unit’s humidity will reduce if the drain channels are blocked. If humidity decreases, your system will produce moisture in your home, so your carpets and walls will become discolored.

Simple Maintenance Tasks For Beginners
To clean the condensate drain line, shut off the unit’s power supply. Then, clean the drain line with a water and vinegar solution.Examine the condenser thoroughly with a carpenter’s level. The unit must be flat on a level surface. If the condenser is not even, it will not draw air efficiently into the air conditioner unit. To reduce costly breakdowns, keep the grass and weeds trimmed near the unit.

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The exterior of the condenser should be cleaned with a basic hose. To ensure safety, discount the power supply before you spray the condenser with water. The water will rinse residue, dirt, and debris off of the metal surfaces and system components.

When winter arrives, do not completely cover the condenser. If there is water trapped in the unit, it will corrode the metal components. You should only cover the opening on the top so that debris will not drop into the condenser.

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