South Florida’s Best Beaches for Locals

We’re hot, we know it, we really love to show it! South Florida is full of some of the best beaches on Earth. From quiet and sleepy seaside towns to 24 hour party grounds, we’ve got something for everybody. There’s so many beaches to choose from you might even need a bit of help, and that’s why we put together this handy guide of South Florida’s Best Beaches for The Summer Season.


In the area of Miami that’s called Little Buenos Aires because of all the Argentinian restaurants and residents, there is a beach that is both calm and beautiful. Without large groups of hard partying teens, and without the big family outing groups, and without the reputation for old people, it’s a beach that is comfortably attended, rarely packed, and always redolent of the vision of perfection tourists conjure in their minds every time they think of Florida.

There is a beautiful bridge where droves of fishing enthusiasts gather to ply their favorite past time among the crashing waves and salty air. Just walk a few hundred feet down shore and they’ll be as far from your mind as all the troubles and stresses of the world. Lay down a towel, hit the waves, and luxuriate in the cool blue waters of our incredible subtropical paradise.

This beach is so cool that it has an underwater theme park, a snorkeler’s and SCUBA diver’s dreamscape of olden statues surrounded by the multicolored fish who call the coral reef home. In fact, this same park was the first underwater park officially sanctioned by the United States. When you visit here, you’re getting to experience a very unique and special environment that we should treasure more than any tall building or skyline.

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Near the rich enclave of Coral Gables’ own Gables By The Sea lies a wonderful public beach that is especially loved by families. Because it’s a tiny bay of calm and shallow waters circled by rocks and encompassed by the Biscayne Bay, it is extremely tranquil and favored by groups with small kids who want to jump, and splash, and swim, and play in a calmer sort of beach environment. The beach is part of a great green expanse of mangroves and parkland where there are often wedding shoots, and even a great if a bit expensive restaurant on the water called the Redfish Grille where Chef Michelle Bernstein actually started her career.

One of the most popular destinations in the country for college spring breakers hailing from Minnesota to Oregon, Ft Lauderdale beach offers all of the sea, sun, sand, and surf that you expect from any great beach, and then adds great food, drinks, and nightlife along the busy promenade of its shoreline. You can find incredible drink specials from the tallest novelty plastic jugs and the slushiest and most alcoholic beverages anywhere this side of toxicity. It’s a wonderful life and there is always a slew of entetaining street life making this a very popular tourist destination, especially for cruise ship passengers getting ready to board a voyage from a major cruise line at Port Everglades.

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Some people call it a broadwalk, some people call it a boardwalk, but no matter what nomenclature you’d like to use to describe it, the great Hollywood beach is a lively and active community that is beloved by both tourists and locals for its cheap and abundant bevvy of modestly priced eateries and greeteries. Expect hot slices of pizza, cold pitchers of brew, and even some nice upscale eateries to feed your gullets while you promenade along this slice of southern paradise.


This beach specializes in the 55+ crowd of grandmas and grandpas from around the world, especially Canada. They hail from Quebec, they hail from Montreal, the come from near and far and far and near, and they’re looking for good times, hot weather, and cool surf. This is where they come to party and let loose. And it’s still just a sleepy seaside town with beachfront cottages in pastel colors and a nice seafood restaurant every mile or so. Some would call it quaint, others might call it charming, but one thing is for sure, the people sure are friendly and the beach is oh so inviting.


Hallandale is so close to Miami that at one time it was considered just another neighborhood within its borders. Nowadays it’s officially located in Broward County, but even with that being said, Hallandale offers up cool water, delicious offshore breezes, and some of the best relaxating this side of anywhere you want to be.

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This is one of the only fully nude beaches in the U.S.A. That’s right folks: Clothing Optional. You can go here and let it all hang out and enjoy the feeling of swimming in the nude, suntanning naked, and playing volleyball in your birthday suit. You never know what you might see at Haulover Beach, but that’s at least half the fun.

Tourism is Florida’s biggest economic engine, and South Beach is one of its main drivers. Here you can find the most beautiful people, the most exclusive nightclubs, world renowned architecture, plenty of people watching, amazing shopping for high end luxury goods as well as affordable tchotchkes, and to top it all off, beautiful white sand shoreline absolutely packed with throngs of toned and tanned bodies having the time of their lives relaxing under the blazing rays of the Miami heat and jumping in the water to cool off and have a swim.
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