The 3 Most Common Florida Allergens

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What Are The 3 Most Common Occurring Allergens in Florida?
In Florida’s subtropical heat and rain, the pollens and spores that generate the most allergic reactions can be regulated through air purification and duct cleaning. But in order to defeat your enemy, you must first know your enemy.

Here are the 3 most common allergens in Florida.

This maddening plant that pops up just about anywhere with a rain and a breeze, is responsible for up to half of all rhinitis allergies in North America. How could one little plant make all those sneezes? Well, according to Wikipedia, “A single plant may produce about a billion grains of pollen per season.” Now that’s a lot of pollen. The weed is so pervasive that eradication studies show chemical warfare may not even be all that effective against it in the long term. Uprooting is also a poor tactic to fight ragweed. Because it is so difficult to avoid, ragweed is one of the most common allergens in Florida.

This nasty form of fungus that grows on spoiling foods is actually a complex living organism that can be one of thousands of species. Like it or not, mold is almost everywhere all around us all the time. But it’s when it reproduces to out of the ordinary levels, or is in the presence of sensitive allergy sufferers that it becomes a real problem. Therefore it is extremely important for renters, homeowners, small businesses, and companies to always be aware of heightened mold levels in their environments. Mold can have seriously negative health repercussions for anybody, whether they suffer from allergies or not.

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It flies in the air with the greatest of ease, and brings allergy sufferers down to their knees. They wheeze, and they cough, and they ache, and they sneeze, but what they really should do is clean their AC’s. Dust is an extremely common allergen that can be found just about anywhere. The best measure you can take against it is a pro-active cleaning solution such as duct cleanings, regular maintenance on AC units, filter changing, and air purification service. Because dust is one of the most common Florida allergens, it is highly important to fight it by any means necessary. It could just save your health.

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