The Dangers Of Sick Building Syndrome

sick woman sitting at desk with tissues Wonder why you may not be feeling well these days? It’s time for you to discover the dangers of sick building syndrome. Many people are working in buildings and living in spaces filled with toxins and other airborne pathogens. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Indoor air pollution can be five to ten times more harmful than outdoor air pollution.” Without your knowledge, certain buildings can be an unsuspecting hazard to your health. In some cases, your sensitivity to this syndrome may result in the need to change your workplace or residence to escape additional repercussions. Could it be that you have developed a life threatening disease by being exposed to chemical substances, fungi or toxic mold? If you don’t already know, two of the most deadly pathogens are toxic mold and formaldehyde, which can be hidden in your air conditioning unit and on furniture.
The Symptoms

What are the symptoms to sick building syndrome, you may be asking? How do you know when you have it? Of course, not everyone will experience the same signs. However, pay attention to whether co-workers are complaining about symptoms of musty air and recurrent colds and viruses. If you have any of these symptoms while at work and then feel better while you are not in the building, then it is time to seriously consider the dangers of sick building syndrome. Symptoms to look for could include: woman with cold sitting at desk

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Chronic fatigue
Watery eyes
Runny nose
Trachea burning
Dry or itchy skin
Joint pain
Terrible headaches
Hair loss
Consistent coughing
Nose Bleed
Swelling of legs and ankles
Shortness of breath with mild physical exertion
Considerable weight gain


Don’t ever take this lightly because this syndrome can cause serious organ damage. In fact, it can cause distress to the major organs such as your heart, kidney, brain, pancreas, liver and thyroid. There are a number of companies that can help. Miami AC repair specialists Direct AC can help you. If you are experiencing chronic pain or fatigue, then it is time to check your cortisol level or have an MRI done on your pituitary gland. Remember that it is sometimes difficult to detect the molecules associated with dirty air infiltration, but it is still going up into your lungs and in your body while you are in the affected building. If you are having any of these symptoms, don’t procrastinate. Take action today by having a thorough physical test done.
And most importantly, take action by having an Air Purification service done on your home or work by!

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