The First Indoor Temperature Controlled City

aerial view of dubai
Dubai, home to the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa) and the second largest aquarium in world, has recently announced that it will build the world’s first temperature controlled city. The city will be built to promote year round tourism in the scorching city of Dubai, where temperatures can reach more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Dubai Holding, the developer, has estimated the climate controlled city will attract 180 million tourists each year.
The mini-city will boast the world’s largest shopping mall, which will be whopping 8 million square feet. Also included, will be an indoor park complete with a breathtaking waterfall and beautiful greenery. The family friendly city will feature a indoor theme park for ultimate excitement. The mini-city will house over one hundred hotels and apartments. In addition, there will also be health and medical facilties. Which will offer not only spa services, but also cosmetic and surgicial services. A theater district, which is inspired by New York’s Broadway and London’s West End, will also be fatured in the mini-city. Parking on the ground level will also be included for approximately 50,000 vehicles. And if walking the temperature controlled city is too much, visitors will be able to ride the tram network to get to any part of the city they need to travel to.

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Covering the 48 million square foot city will be a retractable, glass dome. During the cooler months, the dome will be opened to allow visitiors the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air while leisurely strolling through the city. However, during the warmer months the dome will remain closed and will be fully air conditioned for a pleasant shopping and entertainment experience without extreme weather conditions. This exciting feature is one of a kind and is sure to draw tourists from all over the world.

As of now, a date for beginning or completing the project has not been announced. The cost of the project has also not been announced. However, Dubai Holdings is hoping to make their temperature controlled city a top priority at the 2020 United Arab Emirates World Expo trade fair.

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