The Importance of AC Maintenance for Businesses in Miami

AC repair is a big deal for most business owners in Miami, a bustling city that draws thousands of tourists who come here to enjoy the beaches, shopping, and many other local activities. If you own a company in Miami, a lot of your business probably comes from tourism. With the hot and humid climate of Florida, businesses must have a working air conditioning system if they want their customers to feel relaxed as they attempt to get out of the heat. Tourists typically come inside a business expecting a nice, cool and clean atmosphere, especially if they’re there for, say, a relaxing dinner after a long day at the beach or walking around the shopping malls.

Here at Direct Air Conditioning, INC, we can ensure your business remains comfortable for your customers. We offer top-of-the-line air conditioning units, including an extensive list of brand name products for you to choose from. We also have a fully certified staff to help make the most of your Miami AC repair needs. We are also on-call 24 hours a day for emergency situations, and offer same day service as well as special financing for your major purchases. Customer satisfaction is our goal, which is why we strive to put forth the best products and services available. Direct AC is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, and we are also a Certified Trane dealer on top of being certified by Florida Power and Light.

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We also offer the opportunity for your business to sign up for a maintenance contract. With this service, one of our trained professionals will come out to your location to conduct regular maintenance on your unit. This will enhance the life of your AC and will save you money on future repairs. As a business owner, life sometimes gets busy, with important tasks such as maintaining your AC system being pushed to the back of the agenda, which is totally understandable but can wreak havoc on your system. With our maintenance schedule, you have one less thing taking up time in your busy schedule. Our trained professionals will come in–quickly and quietly so they don’t disrupt your business–and make sure your unit is running properly. Quality air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach can be hard to come by; Direct Air Conditioning has got you covered.

Another service we offer businesses is duct work cleaning. Sometimes air can come out of the ducts smelling kind of stale and musty. We offer quality professional cleaning of the ductwork that brings the air into your building. This will help to keep your indoors smelling fresh and clean. Our system will brush the walls of your duct work while at the same time vacuuming all the particles that are brushed loose. Our system will pull the particles in through a HEPA filter which will keep the particles from coming back out into the air in your building. We will be able to make sure that we get it all cleaned because our system is equipped with a tiny camera that will allow us to see inside to make sure all is clean.

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Once that is completed our trained professional will treat the duct work with an environmentally safe chemical that will kill any germs and bacteria that are left behind. This complete process will leave you with fresh clean, smelling air for your customers and employees to breathe. Call us today here at Direct Air and we will gladly help you with your business Miami for your ac repair.

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