Top 10 Signs Your Dirty Air Ducts Need Cleaning Now!

dusty air duct vent

Dirty air ducts are one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution, and are also to blame for many people’s allergy symptoms, dust mite inhalation, and musty smelling homes and offices. Living with dirty air ducts is no joke, so if you fear you may have them, we recommend indoor air purification services from a trusted professional immediately. But while you get that sorted out, here are the top 10 signs that your dirty air ducts need cleaning now!

man sneezing

10. If you’re well on your way to setting a new world’s record for uninterrupted sneezes. Especially if you sneeze more than 300 times a day.

girl asleep on the ground

9. If you pass out from heat exhaustion, but your air conditioning is cranked, it’s likely that all your cold air can’t get past the filth in the air ducts.

doctor consulting patient

8. If you wake up in the hospital with toxic mold and fungus in your lungs.

man in hazmat suit

7. If your homeowners association calls the local health department, and they show up in protective suits and gas masks to save you and your children from the horrible living conditions.

dirty child sitting in a suitcase

6. If your child’s school calls the authorities when they show up to class covered in dust, pet hair, and other disgusting clumps of dirt.

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sneezing dog

5. If your animals start suffering from allergies due to pet hair, and the vet says it’s the first case they’ve ever seen of that happening.

firetruck in miami

4. If your well-meaning neighbors call the fire department when they think they see smoke coming out of your house, but it’s really just dust and debris from the air ducts.

messy pile of items

3. When your friends and relatives hold an intervention to help you with your shoddy housekeeping and they don’t believe that all the dust is coming from your air vents.

man looking scared

2. When your blind date takes off screaming when you answer the door even though you’re wearing a stunning new dress and just had your hair done, but you don’t realize there’s snot running down your face from dirty air duct allergies acting up.

fluffy cat

1. If you think your kids dragged home a stray cat, but it’s really just a huge clump of hair that flew out your air vent, it’s definitely time to get your air ducts cleaned. AC repair West Palm Beach specialists Direct Air Conditioning can help purify your dirty air vents. Give them a call today for more information.

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