Top 10 South Florida TV Weather People

There’s nothing better than waking up in the cool comfort of your air conditioned South Florida home on a hot Summer day, flicking on the television set, and finding out how high the temperatures are expected to climb, what time it’s going to rain, and whether there’s a hurricane on it’s way. Thank goodness for all of the excellent meteorologists, weather reporters, and tv personalities that make this information entertaining, accessible, informative and fun to watch. Here are the top 10 South Florida weather people brought to you by AC repair West Palm Beach specialists Direct Air Conditioning.

10. Craig Setzer is a Chief Meteorologist who provides updates on weather forecast and hurricanes. You can see him on television weekdays on CBS4 in Miami from 5 PM to 11 PM in various segments. He joined the news station in January 2000 as a TV meteorologist.

9. Lissette Gonzalez is a Meteorologist on CBS4 News during the morning and afternoons. She has been with the news station since 2007. Lissette Gonzalez also goes outside of the news studio to bring weather forecast to South Florida’s most lively events and renowned venues.

8. Trent Aric is the Chief Meteorologist at South Florida’s Local 10 channel. He is well known for his winning personality and resonating voice when delivering the weather forecast.

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7. Max Mayfield is a Hurricane Specialist who works behind the scenes at South Florida’s Local Channel 10 News station is known for his slow, meticulous and detailed delivery on the weather during the hurricane season.

6. Vivian Gonzalez conveys the weather forecast as a Meteorologist at South Florida’s well known WSVN Channel 7. She joined the news station in November 2012. Vivian presents the weather in a no-nonsense way, which helps residents be much more prepared for their weekday mornings.

5. Constance Jones has been with South Florida’s Channel 10 since 2008. She is not new to broadcast television as she also worked for stations in East Texas, and Oklahoma. Constance graduated from the Dan Rather School of Communications at Sam Houston State University.

4. John Morales has won many awards as an experienced Meteorologist. He has worked at NBC Channel 6 since 2009 and is a celebrated TV weather personality with a strong community presence in South Florida for more than 22 years.

3. Stephanie Severino is a knowledgeable Meteorologist at Univision 23 in South Florida. Not only is Stephanie a beautiful person from the inside out, she is also a passionate TV journalist.

2. Lonnie Quinn has received 10 Emmy Awards, which include “2010 and 2011 Best Weather Anchor.” In 2007, Lonnie became weather anchor at South Florida’s “Today in South Florida.” During his tenure, he received the “Best on Air Talent” Emmy Award.

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1. Denise Isaac is an experienced Meteorologist at South Florida’s Telemundo 51 news station. Nominated for an Emmy Award, this Panamanian woman makes you want to perfect your Spanish.
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