Speedy AC Repairs in Brickell, FL

ac-repair-in-brickell-miamiWe are the Savvy Air Conditioning Techies of Brickell, FL

Brickell’s coastal location offers refreshing breezes that can help keep people cool.

On hot days, though, no amount of ocean air can cool the Miami area.

Direct Air provides 24 hour AC repair in Brickell so you never have to suffer in the heat for long.

Emergency AC Repair in Brickell

Direct Air offers residential and commercial emergency AC repair in Brickell.

Families need 24 hour AC repair because they can’t stand living in extreme heat.

When it gets too hot, your daily routine starts to feel impossible; you can’t prepare meals, relax or even get to sleep at night.

Businesses also need emergency AC repair in Brickell because their employees can’t concentrate when they’re uncomfortable.

Businesses also know that customers won’t spend much time in hot stores. If a business’s AC stops working on a hot day, the company can lose a lot of money.

With Direct Air’s emergency AC repairs, you can get your system diagnosed and fixed quickly.


Lower Your AC Repair Cost, With Routine Maintenance Keeping your air condition units proper, will certainly extend the life of your unit is routine maintenance.

Direct Air Conditioning, offers monthly service contracts, where we can help you keep up with your home or business ac system.

There are many check-ups that need to be done monthly, especially, in high volume buildings like commercial warehouses, freight, and large corporate buildings.

Simple things like drainage, filters, pressure monitoring, and many other routine check-ups will save you from spending thousands of dollars.

Brickell, explore below some of the different ac repair services we can offer you!

Years of Experience Helping Brickell Residents

Direct Air specializes in emergency repairs, but we offer a range of air conditioning services in Brickell. Some of our most popular non-emergency services include:

  • Maintaining commercial and business HVAC system to prolong their lives
  • Cleaning dirty air ducts
  • Improving the indoor air quality of homes and businesses
  • Locating and sealing leaks
  • Installing new air conditioning systems

Since our employees know you may need emergency services, they come prepared to fix some of the most common malfunctions, such as broken:

  • Water pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Pressure controls
  • Evaporator coils
  • Contactors
  • Float switches
  • Motors
  • Surge protectors
  • Condenser coils
  • Compressors

We know that Brickell residents rely on their air conditioners, so we take our maintenance, repair and installation services seriously.

We Help Make AC Services Affordable

Many people worry about the high cost of AC repair in Brickell. We know that an unexpected expense can destroy your budget, so we’ve made plans to keep services as affordable as possible.

Direct Air offers free estimates to help you decide whether you want to use our services.

Special financing for 60 months with approved credit.

Spreading out your payments makes it easier for you to afford the AC services you need.

You don’t even have to pay anything upfront to take advantage of our financing offer.

The next time you need AC repairs, installations or other services, reach out to Direct Air for help.

We have the experience to give you fast, affordable services that will keep your home or business comfortable.