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AC Corrosion Grenade

Living on the coast of Southern Florida means your home is constantly exposed to the salty sea air, leading to faster rotting of wood, peeling paint, and corrosion of metals. If you have an air conditioner, you know how quickly the metal tubing can corrode and wear away. Let Direct A/C help you protect your HVAC system with the latest equipment and tools.

The Corrosion Grenade is a simple component based on existing technology that provides protection for outdoor compressor unit. Manufactured by A/C Zincs, Inc., this sacrificial anode is easy to install, yet serves a valuable purpose for homeowners.

Protect Your South Florida Air Conditioner from Corrosion

The exterior compressor unit on your air conditioner will corrode and rust away more quickly as the salt in the air acts on it. Without protection, you may end up needing major Repairs on your AC unit sooner than you would in an inland area. For instance, an air conditioner than isn’t maintained will only last about eight to 10 years versus one that is maintained at up to 15 years.

A Corrosion Grenade is an essential tool that protects your AC unit by oxidizing more quickly than the surrounding metal components. It also offers the following features and amenities:

  • It can be installed in just a few minutes
  • The Corrosion Grenade is an inexpensive investment
  • It is designed to last for years
  • Protects expensive aluminum fins, galvanized steel, and copper pipe
  • It is available in multiple sizes for different size tubing
  • The Corrosion Grenade won’t cause vibration when correctly installed
  • Made from highly reactive Zinc metal

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If you are looking for ways to protect and preserve the lifespan of your air conditioner, consider having the Corrosion Grenade installed. This low-cost device provides ongoing protection that stops galvanic corrosion in its tracks.

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