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Does the air in your home seem a little stuffy or musty smelling? Are you frequently coughing? Or, are you dealing with dust build-up? You may need to work on the indoor air quality to make your home safer and cleaner.

At Direct Air Conditioning, LLC, we help homeowners improve their indoor air quality using a combination of treatments to remove contaminants and products that keep the air clean. The Solaris Indoor Air Quality System is a comprehensive air quality improvement product that we offer homeowners. It uses four different filtration and sanitization methods to create highly purified, odor-free indoor air.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Solaris

The Solaris Indoor Air Quality System is best installed by a Direct A/C specialist with the necessary training. It is composed of multiple components, each designed to provide a specific service that cleans and purifies your indoor air. Some of these parts may be available separately for homeowners, but each component won’t offer the same level of protection that the full set does.

Your Direct A/C specialist will explain what the various parts of the Solaris Indoor Air Quality System do. For ease of convenience, here is a quick listing of each component and its purpose:

  • PowerModule: The electronic components of the Solaris system are powered by the PowerModule.
  • Air Ionizer: This ionizer is one of the first components that air passes through in the home HVAC system. It causes microparticles in the air to clump together, so they can be captured more easily by filtration.
  • Whole House Filtration: A box filter that is placed in the home filtration system the Ultravation Solaris filter is a high-capacity, highly efficient filter.
  • UV Lights: Another component of the system are the UV-C lights which are placed above the AC coils. They help to keep the normally wet coils from developing mold or mildew.
  • PCO Air Filtration: Finally, the air passes through a photocatalytic air purifier that uses oxidation, ionization, and UV light to remove odors, toxic fumes, germs, and bacteria.

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If you want the freshest air possible in your home, consider reaching out to Direct Air Conditioning, LLC. We can install an air quality system from Solaris that removes contaminates, kills pathogens, and eliminates odors.

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