Miami Without Air Conditioning is Unbearable, But DirectAC Miami AC Repair Is Awesome

Here at DirectAC we understand exactly how important the services we provide are to the people of South Florida. Our AC repairs, sales, and installations are crucial in the hot conditions that we live in. Here is a story we put together that perfectly illustrates the point. My name is Carlito Perez, and I’m here to tell you just how difficult it was when the air conditioner in my house went out in the middle of a July heatwave in …

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25 Ways You Know Winter Is Over In Florida

In Florida, the winter season only lasts a month, and the temp barely drops below 70 degrees. It’s very nice indeed. Then, faster than you can say “Beach Day!,” the cold disappears and the sunshine, hot days, and air conditioning kick in once again. So while the rest of the country is still crying about snow days, here are 25 ways you know that winter is over in Florida.  

Understanding The Science of Humidity — It’s Not All Hot Air

You’ve heard the weatherman talk about how humid it’s going to be in the coming days. Perhaps you’ve heard people complain about high humidity making everything feel hotter. But what is it all about? Is there more to humidity than just hot air? Absolutely. The principle of humidity deals with how much water is in the air, rather than the actual temperature of an air mass. Meteorologists measure humidity in one of three ways. The first is absolute humidity. This …

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5 Best Places to Get Pizza in Miami

If you’re on a quest for a delectable slice in Miami, never fear. The sunny Florida metropolis is home to a number of delectable pizza options, after all. 1. Harry’s Pizzeria is located in the city’s bustling Design District. With the eatery’s laid-back and breezy vibe, it’s the ideal place for a delicious pizza meal. Whether you’re in the mood for something familiar like a traditional cheese pizza or you want something a bit more adventurous like a braised fennel …

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Top 10 South Florida TV Weather People

  There’s nothing better than waking up in the cool comfort of your air conditioned South Florida home on a hot Summer day, flicking on the television set, and finding out how high the temperatures are expected to climb, what time it’s going to rain, and whether there’s a hurricane on it’s way. Thank goodness for all of the excellent meteorologists, weather reporters, and tv personalities that make this information entertaining, accessible, informative and fun to watch. Here are the …

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Best Places to Beat the Heat in Miami

Miami is a great place for people to spend the summer. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor activities, this city has a variety of venues to help people stay cool. Learn more about these great venues to discover how you can beat the summer heat.

AC Repair Kendall

Welcome to Kendall, a beautiful suburb in Southwest Miami. Purchased from Florida in 1883 by the Florida Land and Mortgage Company, Kendall is named after Henry John Broughton Kendall, a director of the company who lived in the area in the early 1900s. A diverse and predominantly Hispanic area–Kendall and neighboring communities are home to one of the largest Colombian-American populations in the country, while 52% of its residents claim Spanish as a first language–Kendall is made up of both …

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The Worst Recorded Florida Tornados

Tornados are a terrifying act of nature regardless of where they strike. Certain areas of the United States, such as the Midwest otherwise known as Tornado Alley, are more inclined to have tornados and as such have better preparedness strategies than much of the rest of the country. While Florida is more likely to experience a tropical storm, this state has had its fair share of tornados. Some recording keeping began in 1882; record keeping began in earnest in 1950, …

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25 Reasons Florida Loves Trane Air Conditioners!

Trane is to air conditioning what the Miami Heat are to basketball, simply the best. And that’s why Florida loves this fine air-conditioning company so much. Because without Trane, the whole state would be nothing more than a backwater swamp. Or at least, way too hot to live in. So here are twenty-five reasons that Florida loves Trane Air Conditioners.

Direct AC Pinecrest

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Miami resident who doesn’t have at least one significant experience in the beautiful Village of Pinecrest. Incorporated in March of 1996, Pinecrest is home to roughly 18,000 residents, and one of the most visually impressive landscapes in Miami-Dade County. The area has been nationally recognized by many different organizations, as it was recently named a Tree City USA, Playful City USA, and a Community of Respect. In 2011, South Florida Busines Journal even recognized the community …

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