trane air conditioning units

Trane is to air conditioning what the Miami Heat are to basketball, simply the best.

And that’s why Florida loves this fine air-conditioning company so much. Because without Trane, the whole state would be nothing more than a backwater swamp. Or at least, way too hot to live in.

So here are twenty-five reasons that Florida loves Trane Air Conditioners.

25 Trane make awesome air conditioners, and Florida would be horrible without air conditioning. 24 The sales representatives and installation guys are incredibly helpful in helping you choose a unit that fits your needs. 23 Trane has financing options available so that you can put a unit on a finance. 22Trane systems help insure that symptoms of your allergies to dust mites and pollen are a thing of the past. 21They are more powerful, effective, and efficient than the leading competition. 20You don’t have to fight your wife and dog over the best spot in front of the living room window A/C unit. 19Trane makes it so that you can cook meals without turning the kitchen into a sauna. 18You can go out onto your porch in the evening to enjoy the night air rather than to escape the heat in your home. 17Your electric bills should decrease significantly thanks to energy efficiency. 16The programmable, digital thermostat allows you to set various temperatures during the day, at night and on the weekends. 15Trane a/c units are energy star rated so you can take the energy-efficient home improvement tax deduction. 14You shouldn’t have to replace my unit for 15 to 20 years. 13With dual stage cooling, the temperature inside your home should never fluctuate beyond one or two degrees. 12The 53dB system because is exceptionally quiet and allows you to talk to your friends and family without yelling over a loud machine. 11Units are installed in one day. 10Trane installation companies offer a yearly maintenance plan and priority treatment for routine maintenance. 9The units come with a 10 year warranty. 8You will be more productive on evenings and weekends when you’re not stuck thinking about how hot and miserable you are. 7Your family and friends will be excited to come over and enjoy bbq on the weekends because they can periodically escape the outdoor heat. 6Your improved mood due to a comfortable home environment positively affects every aspect of your everyday life for the better. 5Once you own a Trane, you no longer have to take long drives in an air conditioned car to escape the heat inside your house. 4You can now see out your windows and open and close them at your leisure. 3They help you sleep better at night and perform better at your day job. 2With a Trane, you can now enjoy your Florida home to its fullest potential. 1Trane is the best a/c manufacturer on the planet! Air conditioning Miami repair, sales, and service specialists Direct AC understand how important a reliable AC is in Florida, and can help you with any services you need in the South Florida area.