happy woman and air conditioner

Floridians love air conditioning, no doubt about it. Of all the U.S. states, we’re always on the cutting edge of cooling technology. In fact, we’ve actually perfected the art of staying cool.

Let’s face it, without A/C, nobody would live here but alligators and mosquitoes.

That’s why we’ve created this tribute to Florida and air conditioning. Here are the 25 reasons we love it.

25Allegedly it's not acceptable to stick our entire head in the freezer just to cool off. 24The "cool ocean breeze" only works if you live by the ocean. 23We don't want our popsicle or ice cream to melt as soon as it comes out of the freezer. 22Air conditioning is the only thing that makes house-chores bearable. 21Without it, Mickey Mouse would have a heart attack. 20A bunch of fans blowing hot air at us are useless unless we happen to be a big celebrity. 19Nothing is as refreshing after a rough day lounging on the beach than clean, cool air. 18Without air conditioning, staying hydrated becomes a full-time job. 17Leaving the doors and windows open attracts the swarm of mosquitoes. 16It's embarrassing to get to work with our entire outfit drenched in sweat. 15Air filters trap debris and dander to give a much needed break from asthma and allergies. 14The gentle hum of the air conditioner assists in meditation and stress relief. 13It's never a good day to suffer from a heat stroke waiting in line at Disney World. 12Heat exhaustion isn't a good enough excuse to miss work. 11Tourists invade and crowd up the beaches and pools. 10There is a cool tax credit for installing energy efficient air conditioning. 9It would be embarrassing to get dehydrated so close to the ocean. 8It is too hot to cuddle without it. 7No one wants to sweat while they watch television. 6Heat and humidity create frizzy hair, especially after a nice rainstorm. 5Hot temperatures inside lead to boiling hot tempers from the family. 4Dehydration from extreme heat can cause premature wrinkles. 3While the temperature may claim it is only 90 degrees outside, the heat index rises to over 100. 2It gets hot enough outside to cook an egg in the driveway! 1We've endured working our entire lives just to spend out retirement years in the luxury of controlled temperature.

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