When it comes to air conditioners, you cannot go wrong with a Trane. Trane, a company founded in 1931, is often the first name thought of when it comes to brands of air conditioners. Trane has a line of air units with long warranties, and a reputation for reliability and durability - which reduces the amount of maintenance necessary for their machines and, as a result, can be very cost effective.

Using a Trane unit is a smart way to keep your costs more economical, especially in warmer areas where air conditioning is absolutely necessary. Direct Air Conditioners, a company in South Florida, takes pride in providing home and business owners with quality air conditioning installations and repairs. Direct uses a line of Trane products, including some air conditioners, which are high in energy efficiency and will keep your costs down. All air conditioners are required to meet a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of at least 13. Most of Trane's units have a SEER between 14 and 25 - making it another reason everybody should have a Trane, whether for residential or commercial usage. What better way to beat the heat and humidity in Miami than with a Trane, arguably the best company in the business of making quality air conditioners! Direct Air Conditioning helps property owners become more efficient by using some Trane products, including: 

Trane Miami 

     XV20I Variable Speed Air Conditioner with -

  1. A Sound Insulator
  2. WeatherGuard II Top
  3. Integrated Fan System
  4. WeatherGuard Fasteners and more

     XL20i Air Conditioner includes:

  1. ComfortLink II Communicating Capability
  2. Dual Climatuff® Compressors
  3. Multi-stage Fan & R410A Refrigerant
  4. DuraTuff Rust Proof Base Pan

Super Efficiency Air Conditioners

     XL15i Air Conditioner:

  1. Climatuff® Compressor
  2. Spine Fin Outdoor Coil
  3. Comfort-R Mode approved for better H-control
  4. WeatherGuard II Top Shields Unit From Debris

     XL14i Air Conditioner includes:

  1. Climatuff® Compressor& Spine Fin Outdoor
  2. Full-Side Louvered Panels
  3. Corrosion-resistant Weatherguard fasteners
  4. Models with R410A and R22 Refrigerants

High Efficiency Air Conditioners

     XR13 Air Conditioner -

  1. Climatuff® Compressor
  2. Spine Fin Outdoor Coil
  3. Baked-On Powder Paint Resists Rust
  4. Unique DuraTuff non-corrosive basepan

     XR14 Air Conditioner includes:

  1. Climatuff® Compressor
  2. Spine Fin Outdoor Coil
  3. Quick-Sess cabinet with full coil protection
  4. Sound insulator on compressor

These are just a few of the dependable Trane air conditioners that Direct Air Conditioning has in stock. There are standard efficiency units also included in the Trane popular line of products that we offers our customers in the South Florida area. Be sure to give us a call and ask about the best Trane air conditioner for your home or business to be more efficient!