Duct Cleaning Company: Signs of A Job Well Done

The current Florida Building Code strictly requires that all public areas where human activity is carried out with regular frequency must have an adequate ventilation system in place. Air duct cleaning in Miami establishments is, thus, something that business operators should conduct regularly. After all, proper ventilation has a direct impact on human health. The next time you hire air duct cleaning professionals, be sure to inspect the following areas.

Cooling Components

These components consist of the cooling coil, fins, and drain pan. Check if both sides of the coil have any trace of dust or grime. Next, aim a little torchlight at the coil to see if the light shines on through to the other side. Be sure to return the cooling fins and drain pan to their original positions before proceeding with your inspection. man cleaning out air duct with vacuum

Vents and Ducts

These areas are known to contain not only dirt and debris, but also mold and/or other fungi. Accordingly, these parts must be visibly clean and free of any moisture that could encourage mold growth. Likewise, check if the vents and grilles are firmly attached, thereby averting accidental breakage.


Plenums generally consist of the space that the ventilation system needs to perform its air collection/distribution functions. Specific areas to be inspected include the supply air and return air plenums because these gather and release air respectively. To perform at optimum levels, these areas must be free of moisture, contaminants, and insects, aside from the usual dirt and grime. closed clean air duct

Operating Mechanism

Some companies that carry out air conditioning repair in Miami may typically conduct air duct cleaning as well as repairs on broken air duct components. If the cleaning personnel were granted complete access to the ventilation system, they may have accidentally removed a particular component of the system after cleaning. As such, always remember to test the ventilation system after cleaning, paying particular attention to the heating and cooling mechanisms. Air duct cleaning is a tedious but necessary task. Luckily, professional contractors in Miami such as Direct AC 123 are well equipped to deliver high quality duct cleaning services. As always, take the trouble to evaluate any company’s reliability before calling them in by conducting appropriate background checks.