In South Florida, air conditioning technicians are super heroes. They make life in the Sunshine State a comfortable, cool, and relaxing place to live. Here are 25 reasons AC Repair West Palm Beach techs rule!

25They know that R-22 and 410-A are not state highways. 24They use duct tape for its intended purpose. 23They can say, “I need to vent” but then not complain about anything. 22They make it possible for people to live in Nevada, Texas and Florida year-round. 21Would you care to drink milk shipped in a non-refrigerated truck? Didn’t think so. 20Neil Armstrong wouldn’t have been able to walk on the moon without an air conditioned space suit. 19They can use the words “Hot”, “Cool” or “Iceman” on their personalized license plate without appearing egotistical. 18They can help save the ozone layer. 17They work with macho blower housings, not wimpy ceiling fans. 16They can say, “I need to get my hands on your heat pump” and not get slapped in the face. 15They know what a plenum space is, and they aren’t afraid to go inside it. 14A lot of people say they’re chillin’. A/C Techs really do it. 13When the weather man brings up the dew point, they know exactly what he’s talking about. 12Their view of the city is better than the one from the penthouse when they’re working on the roof of a skyscraper. 11Without them, no one would be able to have a cold one while watching the game. 10In indoor stadiums, no one would be able to watch the game either. 9When they hear “get in the zone” they do it. Then they install dampers. 8Three words: uses power tools. 7No one goes to the movies and says, “Boy, this theater is nice and hot!” 6The Romans were the first people to use forced air for heat. A/C Techs have a long history. 5They can handle a terminal unit and not die. They don’t even get sick. 4Comfortable employees are productive employees. Are your employees productive? Thank your A/C Tech. 3People are happy when the A/C Tech shows up at their house. The IRS? Not so much. 2They get to drive trucks with penguins, flames or icicles painted on them. 1Only they can stop a Trane!