welcome to boca raton florida sign

People all over the world have heard about Boca Raton, known locally as "The City For All Seasons."

Maybe it's because of the singularly peculiar name, which literally translates from Spanish to say 'mouth of the mouse', but actually refers to the mouth of an inlet leading to Biscayne Bay in Miami.

Boca Raton has oftentimes captured the world's imagination though. In fact, it's the city where IBM once had its headquarters, and the place where the company built the first IBM PC computer.

Boca Raton was chartered in 1925, and its history is also inextricably linked with the Japanese-Americans who developed it early on as a center of agriculture dedicated to pineapple plantations.

As a result, their heritage is forever embedded in the city, which carries their contributions in its memory through dedicated street names like Yamato Road, and the beautiful Morakami Gardens.

With high humidity and major heat conditions, air conditioning is a necessity for Boca Raton's quality of life. Indoor air purification is also absolutely vital in Boca Raton, as the humid conditions encourage microbial pollutants like dust mites to feed and breed in homes, offices, and apartments in the area.

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