coral springs on a map of florida

The beautiful Coral Springs--a planned community near Ft. Lauderdale in Broward County--has a unique architectural appeal and finely honed design aesthetic which is noted for its distinct appeal and excellent standards of livability.

A family-friendly community that was built and officially incorporated in 1963, Coral Springs is interesting for many reasons, one being that there are no actual springs in the city. Also, due west lies The Everglades, one of the most famous national parks in the world, and a completely unique eco-system that exists nowhere else on Earth.

The weather in Coral Springs is similar to the many other communities of South Florida. With a high humidity index, the temperature feels quite incredibly hot in the summer, and being in the path of hurricanes, there are occasionally massive thunderstorms. Rainfall averages range from three to just over seven inches a month.

Coral Springs is an active community driven by outdoor family-fun activities such as marathons, and the local government is highly involved in creating a high standard of living for its residents.

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