thermometer in sand showing more than 100 degrees

Everybody in the world knows that the Miami Heat are the hottest NBA team in the world. But aside from basketball, they also know South Florida can be one heck of a hot place too.

Just ask anyone who’s ever stepped outside here in the Summer time. Thank goodness for the air conditioning that protects us from all this hot weather.

Now, keep in mind that the humidity index makes everything feel an even higher temperature. So in honor of how hot we are, here are the ten hottest recorded days in South Florida history.

10. On March 2, 2003, residents of greater Miami experienced temperatures of 90 degrees, which was the earliest time of the year for that exact temperature since 1839.

9. The hottest June temperature in 2009 happened on the 21st when Florida experienced 98 degree temperatures, which beat the previous record of 94 degrees.

8. In 1951, there were many very hot days in Florida; more than we’d experienced in the past. There was a record of 83 hot days within that year.

7. The hottest unofficial temperature reading in Florida occurred on July 31, 2010 – at a whopping 102 degrees.

6. On November 6, 1992, Miami experienced a temperature of 91 degrees. This was as consistently hot every year between April and September beginning from 1839.

5. On July 21, 1942, Florida experienced temperatures of 100 degrees.

4. In 2011, the hottest days were on June 14th and July 17th when Floridians had to deal with the 97 degree temperatures. That same year, Miami had 44 consecutive days of 90 degree temperatures from July 10 to August 23.

3. On August 4, 1944, Fort Lauderdale and the city of Miami had a record temperature of 100 degrees.

2. In 2011, South Florida had an abnormally warm spring season, hot summer and the warmest December. It was that same year that South Florida experienced severe floods and destructive tornadoes.

The hottest recorded temperature in the state of Florida was 109 degrees, which happened on June 29, 1931 in Monticello. Miami was not far behind when the temperature rose to 100 degrees.


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