Having air conditioning in your home is a great luxury, especially when those hot summer months hit. Ensuring that your air conditioner stays clean will allow you to purify your home’s air and save you and your family money at the same time.

To begin with, a clean air conditioner stays in better working order than a dirty or clogged conditioner. Keeping your AC clean will help it to last longer and will avoid the need for repairs and subsequent fees. Additionally, air conditioners that are clogged are not as efficient and will take more power to deliver cool air to your interior. A dirty machine will end up costing you more in the long run.

To make certain that your air conditioner is thoroughly and properly cleaned, it is recommended that you hire the services of a knowledgeable professional air conditioner cleaning service.

One cleaning per year should suffice and should include refilling your coolant and performing other possibly difficult services. In addition to annual cleaning, however, there are some things that you can do personally to help keep your air conditioner clog-free and running smoothly. A basic 3-step cleaning process is all you need to take care of both your indoor and outdoor unit sections.

1. Turn Off The Power And Clean The Outdoor Unit

The first step to this process is turning off your power. Cutting the power will ensure the safety of you and all of those nearby while you clean your air conditioner. The outdoor unit is also called the condenser. To clean the condenser unit, simply wipe out the inside with a disposable rag, vacuum up clinging debris and use a hose to rinse the outer fins before ensuring that they are straight.

2. Restart The Outdoor Unit

When restarting the condenser outside, ensure that you know the special procedure for doing so. In many instances, it’s simply a matter of flipping a switch, but condenser can be quite fragile, so pay attention to the instruction manual on this step. When this is done, adjust your indoor thermostat to the cools setting. Check the insulated tube stemming from the condenser after ten minutes. It should feel warm to the touch.

3. Clean The Indoor Unit

To clean the indoor unit, you’ll first need to turn off the furnace power. Take out the filer in the furnace and clean or replace it. If your unit has lubricant ports, add a few drops of electric motor oil to lubricate them. Otherwise, simply vacuum away dust in the blower compartment. Next, clean out the drain tube with a bleach and water solution and rinse with water. Finally, clean the drain port with a pipe cleaner.