Looking to avoid the tourist traps of West Palm Beach? Here are just a few spots where the crowds are always lively and the drinks can't be beat.

1: E.R. Bradley's Saloon bradley's saloon in west palm beach

With tiki huts, juicy burgers and a roaming bar, E.R. Bradley's Saloon offers an authentic Floridan experience for both visitors and natives to the Sunshine State. It may call itself a restaurant, but everyone knows it's really the place to see and be seen in West Palm Beach.

2: Funky Buddha Lounge the-buddha-lounge-west-palm-beach


If you like a little hookah with your live music and tap brews, the Funky Buddha Lounge will provide. It isn't a place for extreme Girls Gone Wild type action, but after your third Hop Gun IPA or Bacon Maple Coffee Porter, you'll certainly be feeling the vibe.


3: Monarchy Nightclub monarchy-west-palm-beach

Filled with the purples and reds of real royalty, Monarchy Nightclub offers a wild experience unmatched by any other club in Florida. Not only are the crowds larger and the basses deeper, but even the drinks are served by infinitely more attractive bartenders. Are you feeling lucky?

4: Island Jack's Patio Bar & Grill patio-bar-west-palm-beach

If you've always had a dream where bars would be judged not by the color of their coasters but by the punch-you-in-the-face quality of their brews, Island Jack's is the place for you. Watch the game, hit on a beautiful stranger or just drink until dawn.



5: The Blind Monk wine-bar-west-palm-beach

Looking for something a little more sophisticated than your usual frat boy hangouts? The Blind Monk is a two-story wine bar complete with leather couches, movie screens and shelf after shelf of all your favorite vintages. All in all, it boasts more than 400 kinds of wine, making it the perfect spot for a luxurious night on the town.


6: Respectable Street respectable-street-west-palm-beach

Respectable Street completely belies its name by not being respectable at all, which is awesome. Between the graffiti-covered walls and the alternative bands playing with no cover charge, it's a place for revelry without self-consciousness.

7: Sky309 sky309 rooftop bar in west palm beach


This rooftop bar has everything you could need for a crazy night under the stars. Not only will you enjoy panoramic views of the entire city, but the dance floor is lined with multiple bars and stages for drinks, music and general debauchery. If you're looking for a good time, Sky309 is one place you won't want to miss.