What Are Some Key Indicators You Were Born In South Miami?

South Miami is one of the most distinctive areas of the country. People who live here for long periods of time quickly develop certain traits that make them easily identifiable to people who know what to look for. Which is why we've come up with out list of ways to tell if somebody is from the area.

Speaking Spanglish

Whether their parents are native English or Spanish speakers, people who grow up in South Miami quickly learn to speak an amalgamation of both languages which is three parts English, 1 part Spanish, and 4 parts confusing for people not in the know. When you hear people from South Miami talk, you will soon realize that their speech is peppered with words from both languages. It is a colorful mixture that makes for an interesting conversation.

Hurricanes = Party Time

One of the most fortunate things about the city of Miami is that it's rarely ever hit hard by a hurricane. Although there have been a number of close calls in the past decade or so, the city typically dodges the brunt of the storms that threaten our coasts.

This leads many natives of South Miami to consider a hurricane warning as a sign to stock up on party supplies to ride out the storm in style.

Car Full of Beach Supplies

Most people who grow up in South Miami absolutely love any chance to be by the water. In fact, they enjoy spending time at the beach so much that they are always prepared to go there. If you take a look inside of any resident’s car, chances are good that it will have at least one beach-related item, if not some leftover sand. Traffic Horror Stories

Speak to any native and they will most likely tell you (and adamantly so) that LA has nothing on Miami when it comes to horrendous traffic.

Miamians can regale you with their tales of horrible traffic experiences they have endured until your ears are ready to fall off. Flip Flops Acceptable Whether it is Christmas Day or the 4th of July, most people from South Miami have flip flops on their feet, and look at people weird if they ask them to wear anything else.

Cuban Food Is the Pinnacle of the Culinary Arts If you want a quick way to start an argument with a native of South Miami, start disparaging Cuban cuisine.

People born in this area grow up devouring Cuban food, and they develop a love affair with it that borders on rapturous.