shutterstock_420170608 The hot humid temperatures of South Florida--Miami in particular--require a properly functioning air conditioning system to make temperatures more suitable for comfortable living. When a resident's AC breaks though, they typically have to call on an AC company to send out an AC repair specialist, who may not know exactly what he or she is doing. Which is why we've compiled a list of five signs your Miami AC repair specialist is doing you a disservice.

  1. If your AC repairman shows up at the job without the most common replacement parts in his service van, that’s not a good sign. A professional repairman should show up prepared for work and should be able to take care of routine repairs quickly and not waste any time.
  2. Does your service company offer you more than one option when your AC needs a repair? Some repair men find it easier to replace parts rather than repair the the parts that are there. While it may not matter to some repairman, it will to their clients who end up paying extra dollars for parts they really didn’t need. It’s always nice to have options when your trying to replace your unit.
  3. Are you being taken for granted? Before work begins, does the service technician ask questions and seriously discuss the problems you and your family are having? Or, does he proceed without getting an accurate handle on the problems everyone is experiencing? Take stock of the situation and make sure to ask questions.
  4. Has your Miami service provider discussed the advantages of having an annual service contract to discover problems before they reach a critical stage? Such a plan can save you significant dollars over emergency service calls. A good company should at least make you aware of that option.
  5. Your service company representative should have the ability to order special repair parts from a local parts supplier rather than depend on his company in the event of a repair emergency. If he is not able to obtain the needed repair parts in a reasonable length of time from his company, customers can be without service for an unreasonable length of time. Nothing can be completed until the parts arrive, often several days and sometimes even weeks later.

Can your current Miami AC service tech deliver on these 5 important points? If you find you are not getting the attention, then it’s time to find a more concerned provider.