Direct AC

Summer time can be hotter than a devil’s pitchfork, but Direct AC is here to keep you cooler than a polar bear eating ice cream in an igloo. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the core of our company.

We make sure that your air conditioning temperature is always optimized so that you can maintain total comfort  in your home, office, or place of business. We know how important a properly functioning air conditioning unit is in South Florida, so whether you need a new appliance or to service your AC anywhere in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties, we are here for you.

If your a/c unit breaks, don’t panic, just call Direct AC. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Have one of our highly trained technical specialists over to your home, office, or business to examine your AC unit and give you the best course of action for its maintenance.

Common problems occur with hoses, motors, and compressors. We are able to fix, repair, and replace these and any other problems quickly, professionally, and efficiently. Did you move into a beautiful new apartment only to find out a few months later that the a/c ducts were clogged with dirt, hair, and mold? Call us immediately. Our duct cleaning services are one of the most important tasks you will contract us for. Dirty ducts not only cause indoor air pollution, they also tax your unit’s motor, making it work so hard that it breaks well before its time.

Always remember, the best offense is a great defense. If you want to keep your air conditioning unit strong and healthy and pumping out those delicious blasts of cold air, then you’re going to have to give it the TLC it deserves in the form of regular health and maintenance checkups.

Whether you buy a new machine or are having us over to check out your strong old tank, we here at Direct AC are highly committed to all of our excellent friends and neighbors in South Florida.

With offices in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, we are ready at a moment’s notice anywhere in the Tri-County metropolitan area. So when other companies tell you what they can do, we do them one better and show you. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We deliver. We work hard, so that you can be comfortable.

Our customers are so satisfied by our service that we have implemented a referral program to pay them back for their word of mouth recommendations. Whether you tell your friends about us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, email, or in real life, we want to make sure to put money in your pocket, or discount you on your next purchase from us. Don’t forget, as an authorized Trane dealer we have a wonderful selection of the best air conditioning units that money can buy. We offer a range of prices and packages including service contracts to keep your unit happy and healthy for the rest of its mechanical life.

Oh yeah, don’t forget our rebate program, and coupons either. We look for every opportunity to bring you savings, to deliver the highest levels of customer care, and in appreciation of all that you do to make this community great, let’s celebrate with an endless flood of cold air flowing through every vent of your home like a snowball rolling down a mountain.

When you’re looking for savings, service, and slashing prices, we offer some of the best competitive rates in the industry, hands down. And with so many fly by night scammers saying they can offer you a shortcut to perfection, beware. Just because your cousin’s, uncle’s girlfriend’s brother has watched a few youtube videos about fixing air conditioners it doesn’t mean you should hire him to do so. In fact, you should call us and let him take notes on how real professionals operate. We’re so confident in our skills, and the levels of experience that our staff provide, that we welcome all of our customers to engage in the experience. Not only should you watch us, you should take notes. But don’t worry the only questions we’ll ask after we’ve finished is “Now how does that nice cold air feel?”

If you live in Boynton, Deerfield, Dania, or Hollywood, call us for your ac repair. Likewise, if you are located in Brickell, Coral Gables, or Kendall, we are happy to serve you there as well. When it comes to serving every neighborhood at any time of day or night, you’ve reached the right specialists.

With over 20 years in business we have all of the industry know-how and experience to do your job right every time. Our expertise is of the highest caliber and quality, and so is everyone who works for us. This busy family company is here for the long haul and we have cost effective tips to share with you on bringing down your monthly energy costs, and simple maintenance tips and tricks that you can do yourself to keep them as low as possible.

Listen, we know that sometimes machinery breaks at the worst time. That’s why we provide 24 hour service. Did we say 24 hour air conditioning service? Yes we did! Look, emergencies happen, and it’s not a question of why, but when. But it’s your response to adversity that determines how quickly it will be resolved, and when you call us, we appear like knights in shining armor to rescue you from the evils of oppressive heat and the tyranny of sweating while you’re trying to sleep.

Here at Direct AC we know just how important temperature optimization is. That’s because as long standing members of the community, and South Florida natives, we’re your friends and neighbors. From our executive staff to our customer service reps and service techs out in the field, we wish you a cool and comfortable welcome to the family of Direct AC.