Nest Thermostat

Smart thermostats, like the Google Nest, are among the latest and greatest technological innovations in home cooling. They signal a whole new era in the world of air conditioning use and monitoring.

Media outlets around the world have heralded smart thermostats as the second coming of cool air, and we here at Direct AC can tell you from professional experience that anything that makes your life easier, better, and more convenient is a good thing.

If a smart thermostat can help you save on your energy bills, that’s great. But what’s really cool about the new wave of smart thermostats is being able to control your A/C from anywhere using just an app on your smartphone.

The Nest system uses employs a smartphone app which you can use as a remote control for your A/C. You can do this from your car while you drive home, from your office, or anywhere with a cellphone signal.

You can also set the nest to operate under automated efficiency controls to regulate your home cooling temperature settings on its own. The Nest uses machine learning algorithms to regulate temperature based on your cooling habits.

According to hundreds of online user reviews it is generally the case that installation and setup only takes about a half hour..

For us here at Direct AC, It’s an amazing time to be involved in the sale and service of all South Florida air conditioning. We are in a technological age where devices are rapidly becoming ever more interconnected. And the ability to control your home cooling by an app on your smartphone is incredible.

Now you can instruct your home to begin cooling down before you even get there. By the time you arrive, your couch cushions will be the perfect temperature for when you go to sit down and relax.

That is why here at Direct AC, as South Florida’s number one AC repair and sales service, we are glad that our customers have so many options available for the comfort. The Nest Smart Thermostat device and companion app provide a data rich solution to the costly expenses of monthly energy bills that most people are always trying to cut down.

So how do these smart thermostats work? Essentially, they use artificial intelligence to track your most common energy uses and then create an automation sequence based on your activity. If you follow a similar routine everyday, then these devices can truly help your energy savings. However, if your hours are more erratic, you come and go at different hours, or have a variety of different people using your A/C system, then it could be a different story.

Nevertheless, where these devices truly shine is in turning your cell phone into an A/C remote control with essentially unlimited range. You can even make it work from across the country.

We believe in the power of technology and how it can help everyone live a more happy, fulfilling, and convenient life.

In our opinion, smart thermostats like the Google Nest are great devices. They’re great to have; even we use them, too.