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Direct Air Conditioning Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award


Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Direct Air Conditioning has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014.

 “Why Direct Air ?? Because We Care !!!”

“Only about 5 percent of the HVAC companies in South Florida have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade; the company must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality. Members can find the 2014 Super Service Certification logo next to company names in search results on

A Breakdown Of Cities That Wouldn’t Exist Without AC


ac repair west palm beach

Common DIY AC Problems


ac repair west palm beach

As a homeowner, one of the many challenges you will face at some point is your air conditioner running into issues. Generally, the most common problem you can run into with your air conditioning unit is that it is failing to emit cool air. There are a few different reasons why this would occur. While some of these problems may be large and require the attention of a professional HVAC specialist, there are many things you can do yourself. Here are the most common DIY tips for troubleshooting your air conditioner.

One of the most common problems with an air conditioner is that it will stop adequately cooling when the filter becomes too dirty. If you open the housing panel of the unit and check the filter, you can determine whether this is indeed the problem. Some air conditioners require new filters, and these should have their filters changed once per month. Other air conditioner merely require that you remove the dirty filter, clean it and replace it for reuse.

Another issue that can affect your air conditioner is that it has been running for too long and stopped working. Units can have a problem of getting iced up, which means that pieces of ice have developed within the mechanism and the cool air cannot get out. If this happens, you should switch the unit off or switch it to fan. The ice will gradually melt and bring the unit back to its normal state.

Often, the internal condenser fins of an air conditioner can become clogged with dust and debris due to an air filter that requires cleaning or replacement. You can clean them out with special brushes specifically meant to be used for cleaning condenser fins.

If the insulation on the outdoor lines of your central air conditioner have rotted, it can cause the unit to run less than efficiently and cost you hefty energy bills. You can DIY this problem by replacing the insulation with special insulation foam. You will have to wipe away any condensation and wrap the service valve of the condenser on the tubing. The new foam will go over the tubing atop the cork tape and you will have to remove the liner of the adhesive, align the edges and press the seams together. Cut insulation foam in the appropriate length and press onto the adhesive.

Sometimes, your air conditioning unit will cease to function properly when there is a Freon leak. You can diagnose whether this is an issue by removing the cover of your air conditioner and examining the condenser coils. If the coils appear wet or dark in color, this typically signifies a Freon leak. For your safety, you should avoid handling the coils and contact an HVAC specialist to handle the problem from there. Direct AC can help with this problem and ensure your air conditioning unit is back in working condition in no time.

Five Best Places to Dine-In In West Palm Beach



Trying to figure out what and where to eat tonight in West Palm Beach? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

aerial view of west palm beach
1. Palm Sugar

With a full name like “Palm Sugar Asian Grills & Dessert Bar”, you wouldn’t think there’s a lot to surprise in Downtown West Palm’s premiere pan-Asian cuisine establishment. Good thing Palm Sugar has managed to exceed expectations since opening in 2012.

The name is a combination shout-out to the city at large and a reference to their extensive dessert menu. You might want to back up a little bit before dessert though, work up an appetite then come sit for a spell and take in the full experience. Because–aside from the delicious desserts–Palm also offers an ample lunch/dinner menu, along with a wide variety of drink specialties and–a welcome addition–their tapas-style “Street Food” selections. From the spicy Panang Curry to various styles of fried rice (including their new Tropical Pineapple) to a list of entrees that includes dishes like the 8 ounce Samurai Steak and the Yin-Yang Lobster, Palm has a dish for everybody.

Not that hungry? No worries. Try one of their smoky skewers, with various choices of chicken, steak, or pork. Finally, finish it off with one of their amazing desserts (the Palm Sugar Lava Cake is a particular favorite) and thank us later.

2. Rhythm Café

One of West Palm’s seasoned dining establishments, Rhythm Café’s been around since 1988, sitting pretty on Antique Row in a converted 1950’s drug store. Whether this fact appeals to you or not though, Rhythm Café boasts a wide selection of amazing food at an affordable price, which is probably why it’s considered by many to be one of West Palm’s best. Whether you’re there for a glass of fine wine and one of their “Tapas–tizers” (try the Saganaki, aka Cheese-on-Fire, you won’t regret it), or you’re sporting a big appetite and want to dive right in to their entrees (selections ranging from Tenderloin Tips to Key Lime Chicken to Jambalaya Fettuccini), Rhythm Café has a dish and atmosphere for everybody.

west palm beach clematis street3. Hullabaloo

With a slogan like “Come for the food, stay for the drinks!”, you might think you know what to expect at Hullabaloo. But sitting down in front of the menu and–later on–the food, you might find yourself rethinking everything you thought you knew about Hullabaloo. Another one of the many business ventures credited to Rodney Mayo–one of South Florida’s premier restaurateurs–Hullabaloo has an atmosphere for everybody. Located in the Clematis Street’s Historic Commercial District, Hullabaloo manages to skirt that fine line between a great dining experience and a fun drinking atmosphere. Enjoy their daily happy hours from 3-7pm, and make sure to try a wood-oven fired pizza or one of their handmade pastas. Either way, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

4. Havana Restaurant

Living in South Florida, it’s easy to become jaded by the term “authentic” when it comes to Cuban food. However, Havana manages to stay ahead of the pack by proudly touting the circumstances of its creation. Established in 1993 by Roberto Reyes, his daughter Martha, and her husband Rafael Perez, Havana has managed to stay authentic by keeping the business in the family. After coming to the U.S. from Cuba in the 60’s, Reyes worked his way up through the American business infrastructure before finally deciding to open Havana with his family to showcase the traditional Cuban recipes he’d cultivated throughout his life. It’s for that reason we highly recommend Havana if you’re in the mood for some genuine Cuban cuisine. Carrying an extensive menu that includes many traditional dishes such as Ropa Vieja and Arroz con Pollo, Havana also manages to be multi-layered, expanding to fit any guest’s tastes (they even carry a vegetarian menu). Located on South Dixie Highway, Havana is a slice of Cuban exoticism with an American slant, which combines to create one of the more wholesome dining experiences in West Palm.

greek gyro from souvlaki in west palm beach5. Souvlaki Grill

Ask anybody around West Palm about Souvlaki, and you’ll probably hear some variation of the following statement: “Best. Gyro. Ever.” It’s for this reason that we declare Souvlaki one of West Palm’s best Greek restaurants. But the menu doesn’t stop at gyros. There’s also the choice of various tender meats from the grill, including pork, chicken, beef, lamb, dolphin, or shrimp. With various other menu items, from salads to sandwiches, Souvlaki is a great choice for families looking to get great Greek cuisine without breaking their bank accounts.

Proper AC Maintenance


The air conditioner coils, fins, and filter need maintenance regularly. If maintenance is neglected, your unit’s performance will slowly decline and your energy costs will increase.

Filter MaintenanceIf your filters are clogged, the system’s efficiency will drop significantly because the airflow will be blocked. Whenever airflow is obstructed, any air that travels by the filter may project dirt directly onto the evaporator coil. As a result, the system’s heat-absorbing capacity will be impaired. However, if you replace the clogged filter with a new one, your unit’s energy consumption will reduce by nearly 15 percent.Coil MaintenanceDirt will gather on the condenser coil and evaporator coil over time. Though, if your filters are clean, dirt will not soil the coils as quickly. Dirt causes problems because it insulates the coils and restricts airflow. So, inspect the both coils once a year and clean them when necessary.

Condensate Drains

Occasionally, you should stick a wire into your system’s drain channels to remove clogs. The unit’s humidity will reduce if the drain channels are blocked. If humidity decreases, your system will produce moisture in your home, so your carpets and walls will become discolored.

Simple Maintenance Tasks For Beginners

To clean the condensate drain line, shut off the unit’s power supply. Then, clean the drain line with a water and vinegar solution.

Examine the condenser thoroughly with a carpenter’s level. The unit must be flat on a level surface. If the condenser is not even, it will not draw air efficiently into the air conditioner unit. To reduce costly breakdowns, keep the grass and weeds trimmed near the unit.

The exterior of the condenser should be cleaned with a basic hose. To ensure safety, discount the power supply before you spray the condenser with water. The water will rinse residue, dirt, and debris off of the metal surfaces and system components.

When winter arrives, do not completely cover the condenser. If there is water trapped in the unit, it will corrode the metal components. You should only cover the opening on the top so that debris will not drop into the condenser.