Direct Air Conditioning Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award


Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Direct Air Conditioning has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014.

 “Why Direct Air ?? Because We Care !!!”

“Only about 5 percent of the HVAC companies in South Florida have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade; the company must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality. Members can find the 2014 Super Service Certification logo next to company names in search results on

5 Things You Didn’t Know Existed in West Palm Beach



West Palm Beach is beautiful situated along the Sputh Florida area with a multitude of hotspots, beaches, and unique attractions for the nature lover. Boasting right in Florida, it’s the place to visit before or after you’ve hit the big theme parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. West Palm Beach is definitely a beach themed part of Florida, but there is more to it than meets the eye. You’ll be shocked and definitely surprised at these 5 unique things that exist here in West Palm Beach.

PGA HeadQuarters

The PGA headquarters are located right on this part of Florida. Known for hsving the most amount of golf courses in Florida, people like Tiger Woods and Jack Nickclaus have homes in this part of the sunshine state. This part of Florida is sunny and full of difficult and intermediate courses. Golf is definitely “the” sport for West Palm Beach residents and even the tourists.

The Kravis Center

This performing arts center is like nothing pyou have seen before. It boats plenty of concerts and shows throughout the year. It is home to the Miami City Ballet where they perform beautiful productions. It is also the home to the Palm Beach Opera and even the Palm Beach Pops. Not many performing arts centers can say they are the home to a multitude of performing productions.

SoFlo Flyboarding

This company is one of the few in the whole entire world that offers water jet packing. Flyboarding is a unique new fun sport that allows you to almost feel like you have a jet pack. The platform you stand on shoots water downwards with the force of the water allowing you to fly upwards. If you are excited for a fun ride of water sports to a new level, heading out to West Palm Beach and giving this a shot is a must.

Hidden Oasis

This hotspot allows for adults and kids to be within a foot away from wildlife animals. Getting the chance to be 12 inches away from a Cheetah isn’t exactly a commonplace situation, so this chance is definitely exciting. Check out the reviews of this place here:

Stunning Shopping

Shopping in a mall is one experience, but getting to shop in a beautiful place like City Place in West Palm Beach is an even better experience. Their top of the line designer shops and Paris-like architectural makes this one of the best places to go shopping or dining out with the friends and family. Heading down to Worth Ave. is another place to shop that you’ll love. Filled weigh complex stores and intricate building designs makes this a place for stunning shopping adventures to enjoy.

DIY: How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common AC Issues


custom air conditioning running next to apartments

One of the many challenges you will inevitably face as a homeowner are maintenance issues, particularly when it comes to your air conditioner.

Generally, the most common problem that arises with AC units is it failing to emit cool air. There are a few different reasons why this can occur. While some of these problems can be large enough to require the professional attention of an HVAC specialist, there are many problems you can fix yourself.

Here’s a list of DIY tips for troubleshooting the most common air conditioner issues:

  1. One of the most common causes of a faulty AC—especially when the unit stops adequately cooling the area—is a dirty filter. No worries, this is easily fixable. Open the housing panel of the unit and you should be facing the filter, and from there you can determine whether this is indeed the problem. Some air conditioners require new filters every few weeks, while others need one every few months. Either way, you should find out how often you need to change your air filter and buy them accordingly. You might also have an AC that only requires you to clean out the existing filter and place it back inside. No matter what type of AC unit and filter system you have, make sure it’s clean and the air flow should resume.
  2. Another issue that can affect your air conditioner occurs when it’s been running for too long, which can cause it to stop working. In these situations, many units shut off when the cooling effects of the AC cause the components to develop ice. Once ice develops around the machinery, AC units typically shut off on their own. If this happens, you should switch the unit off or change the function to fan. From there the ice will gradually melt and bring the unit back to its normal state of operation.
  3. Often, the internal condenser fins of an air conditioner can become clogged with dust and debris due to a dirty air filter that requires cleaning or replacement. If this occurs, you can remedy the situation by cleaning the filter out and then using special brushes meant specifically for cleaning condenser fins to get the dust and debris out, allowing your AC to function properly.
  4. If the insulation on the outdoor lines of your central air conditioner have rotted, it can cause the unit to run less efficiently, which can translate into a hefty energy bill. Dealing  with this problem yourself is as easy as replacing the insulation with special insulation foam, available at most hardware stores. You will have to wipe away any condensation and wrap the service valve of the condenser on the tubing before applying the insulation. From there, the new foam goes over the tubing and atop the cork tape. Remove the liner of the adhesive once you’re done, align the edges and press the seams together. Cut insulation foam in the appropriate length and press onto the adhesive.
  5. Sometimes, your AC unit will stop functioning due to a Freon leak. You can diagnose whether or not this is the issue by removing the cover of your air conditioner and examining the condenser coils. If the coils appear wet or dark in color, this typically signifies a Freon leak. For your safety, you should avoid handling the coils in this situation, and instead contact an HVAC specialist to handle the problem from there. Direct AC can help with this problem, and with our help we ensure your air conditioning unit will be back in working condition in no time.


AC Repair Coral Gables


aerial view of coral gablesAsk any native Miamian about Coral Gables and many things may come to mind. There’s the attractions, the rich history, the location–dead center in the larger area of Miami-Dade County. But the unanimous consensus will most likely consist of one word: beautiful.

It’s no wonder then that Coral Gables local nickname is “City Beautiful”.

Located southwest of Downtown Miami, Coral Gables was one of the first planned communities in Miami, and is home to a slew of beautiful upscale residences and businesses that collectively adopt the Mediterranean Revival Style of architecture; driving through the neighborhood is about as scenic a route as you can take in Miami.

Developed By George Edgar Merrick during the Florida land boom, the Gables was constructed with over a hundred million in development dollars, netting over $150 million in sales to become one of the more affluent areas in the city by the 1930’s and 40’s, part of the reason for such a huge increase in the population over those decades (from 8,000 residents in 1940 to 35,000 in 1960). It was also the site where many Navy pilots and mechanics were trained during World War II.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder Coral Gables is held in such high regard by both local residents and the international community. Standing today as a predominantly upper-class Hispanic area–over 50% of its residents claim Spanish as the language most spoken at home–the Gables remains as culturally diverse as the rest of the surrounding areas. It is also the center for much of Miami’s rich arts community, with mainstays such as Miracle Mile, Actors’ Playhouse, and the Lowe Art Museum.

Even more impressive though are the local attractions. Since 1925, Coral Gables has been home to the University of Miami, a university ranked in the top tier of not just Florida universities, but all national higher education institutions.

Coral Gables also houses the Biltmore Hotel, a luxury hotel built around the same time Coral Gables finished development. At one point standing as the tallest building in the city, the Biltmore has an extensive resume, including serving as a hospital during World War II and as the setting of many films and television programs over the past forty years.

Other places of interest in Coral Gables include Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Venetian Pool, the upscale lifestyle center at Village of Merrick Park, Jerry Herman Ring Theatre, and more. It’s also the site of many annual events like the Festival of Art at University of Miami and the Carnival on the Mile in Miracle Mile, and is also known for its pedestrian-friendly environment, with 140 dining establishments, gourmet shops, and international retailers serving residents out for a stroll.

All of these accolades made Coral Gables a choice destination for a company with such a high-end vision as Direct AC. With an established presence in the community, Direct AC prides itself on its ability to meet all of Coral Gables air conditioning needs, whether they be residential, commercial, or business.

Direct AC vows to not only keep Coral Gables beautiful, but also cool.

AC Repair Kendall


aerial view of kendall

Welcome to Kendall, a beautiful suburb in Southwest Miami.

Purchased from Florida in 1883 by the Florida Land and Mortgage Company, Kendall is named after Henry John Broughton Kendall, a director of the company who lived in the area in the early 1900s.

A diverse and predominantly Hispanic area–Kendall and neighboring communities are home to one of the largest Colombian-American populations in the country, while 52% of its residents claim Spanish as a first language–Kendall is made up of both residential and commercial areas. To the east there’s Dadeland Mall, one of the largest malls in Florida and home to the largest Macy’s in the state.

Kendall is served by Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport as well as the Miami Metrorail’s Dadeland South and Dadeland North stations, which provide metro service to other areas of the city including Coral Gables, Downtown Miami and Miami International Airport. It is also surrounded by various attractions, such as Miami MetroZoo and the Gold Coast Railroad Museum (located on the same grounds), and Everglades National Park.

Between 1970 and 1990, the population of Kendall increased by over 200%, from 35,000 to 87,000 citizens. In the summer of 1992 the area was severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew which caused a slight drop in the population due to migration. However, recovery efforts brought the area back even better than ever, and Kendall continues to flourish to this day with dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools as well as a flurry of lucrative businesses.

Hot in the summer, cool in the winter, Kendall enjoys the same tropical climate as the rest of Miami, which is why Direct AC–located in the heart of this vibrant community–is dedicated to serving all the area’s residential, commercial, and business air conditioning needs.