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Quickly Determine the Correct HVAC Unit Size for Your Miami Home
Just enter a few pieces of information about your home for an instant load calculation!
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HVAC Load Calculator

Installing the right size HVAC unit in your Miami home is important for a number of reasons, but how can you be sure you’re getting the correct size? There is much more to consider than just the size of your home, and a knowledgeable HVAC professional will know how to make proper calculations to ensure when you invest in a replacement AC system that you get the best performance.

Direct AC’s team of experienced HVAC specialists knows how to determine load calculations accurately, but homeowners can get an estimate on their own by using this HVAC Load Calculator:

HVAC Load Calculator

Just enter a few pieces of information, and you’ll get a range of sizes that would work best for your home. The factors that go into determining the correct size include:

  • Climate
  • Size of Your Home
  • Ceiling Height
  • Quality of Your Insulation
  • Sun Exposure
  • Number of Windows
  • Quality of Windows
  • Number of Occupants

The calculator also lets you see how your home’s needs would change if you updated your windows or installed better insulation.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Correct Size for Your HVAC Unit

You’re updating your HVAC system so that you can enjoy a comfortable home even on the hottest summer day in Miami. If the unit is too small, it won’t be able to sufficiently cool your home—and that would defeat the entire purpose of the investment you made.

It’s also important not to select a unit that’s too large. Some may think it’s better to size up, but doing so brings its own set of issues. First is the initial cost. By choosing a unit that’s too large, you could end up paying a few thousand dollars more. The ongoing operating costs will be higher as well.

Finally, because a too-large unit will cycle off and on more frequently than a correctly-sized unit, you’ll end up with cold and hot spots throughout your home. Also, since the AC won’t run as long before cycling off, it won’t have the chance to dehumidify the air, and humid air diminishes the comfort level of your home.

Since 1995, Direct Air Conditioning has helped thousands of Miami homeowners maximize their home’s comfort! We install quality HVAC replacement systems from top brands, and we provide flawless installations backed by industry-leading warranties.

Try the HVAC load calculator now, and then contact Direct Air Conditioning for free, in-home consultation.

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