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Kendall Air Conditioner Inspection

Most of the time, problems that people have with their air conditioning units arise at very inopportune times. At Direct Air Conditioning, LLC, we have not only made it our job to professionally solve any problem when it arises, but also to provide professional AC inspections that prevent many issues from arising and to find and alleviate problems and inefficiencies to keep your unit running smoothly.

Our highly-trained technicians have the experience and tools to get the job done efficiently. Our professional HVAC company is accredited by the BBB and has been in business for over 25 years. We have helped thousands of Florida homeowners with affordable and efficient AC replacements, repairs, maintenance, and inspections, and our team stands ready to provide a thorough AC inspection for your Kendall home.

Kendall Inspections from Trusted AC Experts

At Direct Air Conditioning, LLC, we employ only the most trusted and proven professionals and utilize only the highest-grade equipment. From comprehensive AC repair services to routine air conditioner maintenance to AC installation services, our highly-trained technicians keep your AC running efficiently.

Here’s the deal: our routine AC inspections will keep your unit running longer and more efficiently, allowing you to put off the large investment of purchasing a new unit. We offer a variety of plans, ranging from a pre-paid yearly maintenance inspection package to customized packages that include multiple visits per year.

Whether you have an issue with your unit or just think that it’s time for someone to check out your unit to ensure the highest level of functionality, our team will follow a meticulous process when completing your AC inspection. During our thorough inspections, we examine many potentially problematic parts and conduct routine maintenance to extend the life of your unit:

  • Closely Examine Controls, Electrical Relays, and Filters
  • Check for Mold
  • Conduct Capacitation and Contractor Tests
  • Flush the Drain Lines and Add Tablets
  • Add Refrigerate

Of course, some of our routine inspections may uncover a serious problem that routine air conditioner maintenance won't fix. When that happens, our team is happy to discuss any of the industry-leading AC replacement products that we offer our customers.

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Through routine inspections and maintenance, the professionals at Direct Air Conditioning, LLC, will keep your Kendall air conditioner unit running for as long and as efficiently as possible. We offer free inspections with maintenance. Give us a call to speak with an AC specialist, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!